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    A themed shot I did for a friend of mine. Looking for critiques.

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I really should of kicked up the rim light more. The idea of a colored gel is great. I'm kicking myself now, I had gels with me.
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    A themed shot I did for a friend of mine. Looking for critiques.

    A friend of mine asked me to do a shoot of him in this outfit. We were both happy with the results. I'm looking to get a critique in order to improve.
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    the aftermath

    I have not used Darktable other than to install it on a ubuntu box and look at it. I have in the past used Ufraw with Gimp to work on Sony Raw files. I see the A65 is listed as a supported camera for UFRaw.
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    Tough Decision

    No Sony only makes SLTs I believe the a580 was the last reflex mirror camera they made. For some reason they started refering to the SLTs as DSLRs after the a580 was discontinued even though they do not have reflex mirrors.
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    Magnifing the preview image.

    I recently switched from sony to canon. I'm still getting used to the new interface. One thing I can't figure out is how to magnify the preview image. It appears that the magnify button is set to Focus Select while in the preview. Is there a way to magnify the preview without going...
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    Green dot on screen, won't let me take picture

    Is the subject under one of the focus points? "close up the the subject e.g. right next to the picture frame" would indicate it's not. What kit lens are you using?
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    a99 at Adorama

    Why would having twin sd cards increase write speeds? Unless you can set them up to be a striped raid array, which would be a cool but risky prospect.
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    a99 at Adorama

    That kinda threw me also. I think this only the second DSLR/SLR they have released a memory stick slot. Interestingly it looks like the memory card slot is actually a dual purpose slot that can take either a memory stick or an SD card. I was suprised no QXD slot was included. The...
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    Sony RX-1

    I agree it could be a sweet camera but at that price point I can't see there being a market for it. If the price was below $2000 it would be a much more competitive camera.
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    Is there a future for SLT?

    You can get wireless radio triggers for the sony mount. Not the TTL pocket wizards but many of the other triggers are available in the Minolta mount. As far as the pin configuration your absolutely right. Every manufacturer has uniques falsh mounts. Sure you can mount a Canon flash on a...
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    Utilizing the iPad2 in event photography

    What are you using to tether the iPad the camera and printer?
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    NEX to be full frame?

    What about glass? I assumed that all of the nex mount lens released so far are designed for crop sensors. This could be an interesting camera.
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    NEX to be full frame?

    Ken Rockwell???
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    Why All the Hate?
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    I don't get how people can say there's a better camera than the a33/a35 below $700...

    I highly respect your opinions Cosmonaut.
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    Wireless Options

    I know the Pixel Kings can manually control the flash power and the zoom with the Canon system. I would guess they should have the same functionality in the Nikon system.
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    Why did you buy a Sony?

    I'm in a similar boat as unpopular. Before I switch to FF I'm looking at the a700. While the 580 is a great camera it just isn't an enthusiast body. For me, I really want the 1/250 sec sync speed, dual control dials, that large pentamirror, the larger more solid body, ratioed off camera...
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    Flash reflection showing up in photos...Pic Included

    Good advice from cgipson1. Is that Sigma flash compatible with the a350 wireless tll mode? If it is that makes getting it off camera that much easier. At shutter speeds up to 1/160th Second the pop up will contribute to the exposure above that speed it will go into HSS mode and the pop up...
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    Sony Alpha 57 is no joke Canon and Nikon folks!!

    The a580 was a traditional DSLR with a reflex mirror.
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    Minolta AF 3:1-1:1 f/1.7-2.8 - WTF?

    I was just reading this write up on this lens and it even more amazing than I first thought. Review of the 3x-1x Macro Zoom