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  1. trexon

    urban feel

    feed back is greatly appreciated
  2. trexon

    giving a portfolio a shot

    I recently started working on a portfolio which I may use for an internship application. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Tim Samadov
  3. trexon

    small shoot

    (feedback/rating would be heavily appreciated)
  4. trexon

    is it possible to get a photography job in NYC for a 16 year old?

    Photography has been a serious hobby for me for about a year/a year and a half now. I do know that there are people with 10 times my experience who struggle to find a job but do you think I will be able to get an internship/job in the field of photography? Some of my work
  5. trexon

    Bird in flight

  6. trexon

    silhouettes (feedback is appreciated)

    I went for an urban feel
  7. trexon

    Cannon 6D or Nikon D750

    I'm planning to upgrade my camera soon and I'm stuck between a Cannon 6D or Nikon D750. I did research on both but I still want to hear people's opinion.
  8. trexon

    some 16 y/o from ny

    Hello all, Photography has been an interest of mine from an early age. I mainly shoot landscapes, abstracts, and portraits but I will do anything that comes to mind. I look forward to progress with you all! (Some of my past work)
  9. trexon

    an abandoned adventure (feedback is appreciated)