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    My last story : "périph de nuit"

    Hello, Thanks for you comments and for taking the time to write them. Here, I was working with a Leica M7 + Portra 800 pushed +1 stop. The light conditions were very difficult and I do not use flash to keep the atmosphere as it was. Most of the picture were taken with 2 lenses a Leica 35mm f:2...
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    My last story : "périph de nuit"

    Hello, Here are some pictures from my last report. The story is about the dangerosity of, what we call in Paris(France) the "Periphérique", witch is a highway around Paris. I have spent 10 nights with the Policemen in charge of the security of this road, witch has the most important traffic in...
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    locked up outside

    Hello, As temperatures were going done at the end of 2007, the town hall of Paris (France) has requisitioned 2 gymansiums to shelter some of its homeless. I have spent 4 nights with some of this guys. The whole story is viewable on my website under " recent work" --> "enfermés dehors"
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    The Downtown Eastside

    Downtown Eastside....of where exactly ???
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    Portrait of a squater...

    Hello, This picture was takien in late august 2006. This young girl was part of a 100 of people evicted from what was called at this moment "the biggest squat in France". It was in the City of Cachan at 15 kilometers, south of Paris. All this people have been put during 45 days in a Gymnasium...
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    Seychelles' Way of life

    Hello, New story on line on my website (Recent Work directory). Comments welcome.
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    No U Turn

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    No U Turn

    Hello, Here are some pictures I took during my first trip in San Francisco in December 2002. Enjoy. 1- Golden Gate Bridge 2- somewhere in the suburb 3- San Francisco Cabs 4- A man in the street and his view of the "creation" 5- Town Center 6- Little protest in front of a Fur shop...
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    Las Vegas : around the Strip from my point of view.

    Hello, This shots are not croped. They have been done with an xPan. Regarding contrasts they are ok ifor me. We probably have different calibrations. The colors of the last 2 pictures are du to cross process treatment. Thanks for your comment.
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    Las Vegas : around the Strip from my point of view.

    Here are some pictures taken in Vegas between 2002 and 2005. There were taken around the las Vegas Bld, and in Naked City at the north of the Strip. Enjoy !
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    The french battle for Presidency.

    Hello, I have spend two months following the 3 biggest candidates for the French Presidency. Segolène Royal, François Bayrou and Nicolas Sarkozy. Here are some pictures extracted form this story. For information, our new President, Nicolas Sarkozy is on the pics 3, 5 and 11...
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    Hello !

    Hi everybody, I'm new in this forum and just would like to introduce myself. I'm a french documentary photographer based in Paris. My last work was about the french battle for presidency. And I like to come in the US especialy in NYC and San Francisco. You can check my website and my blog to...