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  1. Gazman

    Help with PP

    Hi, wondering if any of you have any tips or advice on what i can do to this photo. I have allready touched it up a bit. Bit of sharpning, touch of saturation, brightness etc, oh and had a nasty go at cloning out a horribler bin. Im just wondering what else i should do, and how i can improve...
  2. Gazman

    50mm prime lens help

    Hi, Looking for a bit of guidance. I`m looking to get a 50mm prime lens form my canon 400d. I notice there are a few 50mm lens knocking about varying in price and i`m unsure which is the one best for me. At the moment i only have the crappy kit lens 18-55mm and although i want to upgrade...
  3. Gazman

    PP question

    Hi, i`m trying to touch up a couple of my images i took recently, but im very new to post processing. In this shot i tried to sharpen, and adjust the contrast and brightness to improve the picture, but i`m not sure if ive done it correctly or just ruined it. I`ve also done a little bit of...
  4. Gazman

    Will You Marry Me?

    although i don`t particuarly like #2 it does a fantastic job of showing excesive depth of field. Was that shot with the 50 mm 1.8 ?
  5. Gazman

    St. Pete Beach

    Yea, in my opinion #1 she is neither sillouhetted or exposed enough, she is sort of in between. Also, not sure if i would have had the sun on the other side of the pic or not.. #2, lovely shot, i would maybe have set horizon a tad lower to cut out a bit of the black beach, not all of it, as...
  6. Gazman

    A barn in two seasons C&C

    lovely exposure on the snow, makes you want to jump in and roll about in it :)
  7. Gazman

    Need help with portrait shot

    actually, i never actually thought of shooting outdoors, i was thinking privacy. Thats a very good idea, i could rig somthing up in my backyard. Thanks for the tips, some really nice stuff i wasn`t thinking of at all.
  8. Gazman

    Need help with portrait shot

    Wondering if anyone here can help with something. I have a little girl and i want to take a portrait shot of her that i can blow up and stick on a canvas to hang in our Living room. Problem is, i dont have the access to any sort of studio, or have any advanced gear (lighting, diffusers, etc...
  9. Gazman

    Couple of holiday snaps for C+C

    heh, stick of dynamite, maybe if i`d thought that at the time i may not have stood around composing a shot :) Also, yes the water is draining to the right, but the horizon is level as far as i can tell. I`ve heard somthing of barrel distortion, could this be what that is?
  10. Gazman

    Couple of holiday snaps for C+C

    In the 2nd one, that is the same island just further along the dcoast it juts out. In the first that is another island called kalymnos (spelling? ) ive stayed there a few times before, a 45 min boat trip from the mainland. I think the problem with the 2nd picture is i may have oversharpened...
  11. Gazman

    Couple of holiday snaps for C+C

    Hi, just a couple more of my holiday snaps i`d like a bit of c+c on. Trying to think of ways i could have improved them 1. 2.
  12. Gazman

    Some of my work.

    Some nice looking photos. As a few of the more qualified memebers will surely say, would be better to number the photos and only post a few of them for now. Too many photos to get some good critique i would say. My personal favourite was no.5 lovely backgroundd colours contrasting with the...
  13. Gazman

    Greek holiday photos c+c welcome

    manaheim - I sort of agree about composition of the shot i actually took a vertical of the boat too, to include the full sail, but i just prefered this shot for some reason. Shot details were - 18mm focal length , 1/40 , f/22 and if i remember i focused on the actual sail. and yea, i intend...
  14. Gazman

    Greek holiday photos c+c welcome

    just a few of my shots from my recent trip to Kos. 1st time playing with my new Cpol filter. Enjoy (or not :) ) please c+c if you like, need all the help i can get. 1. 2. Couldn`t get a nice 90 degree angle here, hence sky is ruined a bit 3. Horizon fixed. 4. 5. Also, a...
  15. Gazman

    Rotating a cpol filter

    thanks for replys
  16. Gazman

    Rotating a cpol filter

    Hi, i just recieved my new tiffen circular polarizing filter today. I noticed it can be rotated. What does this achieve? I thought the idea of a cpol filter was to cut glare and deepen blues. Is it used for somthing else too?
  17. Gazman

    Decent Website wanted for ordering camera gear online

    eek! Well, it was only 2 2gig sticks, not the biggest in the world, ill let ya know how it goes when it arrives. good to know for the future though. Steph: thanks for the links, ill definatley check those out.
  18. Gazman

    Decent Website wanted for ordering camera gear online

    Yea, went to play, but couldnt find batteries for the canon 400d. So i got both batteries and memory from ebay. also, i picked up a tiffen cpol filter from filterdepot. I was looking at a Hoya cpol filter , but on amazon it was just over a tenner, whereas on another site (play , if i remember)...
  19. Gazman

    Decent Website wanted for ordering camera gear online

    Hi, just wondering if anyone here can recomend a decent website for ordering camera accessories. I`ve just priced up 2 spare batteries and 2 small cf cards for my 400d from amazon, and they want to charge me £12 delivery when the products only add upto £25. Seems excessive to me. I`m going...
  20. Gazman

    Two loves

    i actually focused on the candle, then recomposed, it may be camera shake as i have no tripod yet, and if i remember it was a 1sec, or maybe .5" shutter speed just so i could get the paper on the wall to expose. Tirediron : i did actaully have a 2nd shot that included the full candle holder...