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    nikon 80-200 VS sigma 70-200?vs nikon 70-200 VRi

    hi guys another question and hoping to get feed back... just as the title says sigma 70-200f2.8 VS. nikon 80-200f2.8 what would you get any why? in the past i did have the 80-200 and love how sharp is was. thinking about get on the these lenses prob. used but i could get new sigma for the...
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    how sharp is the 18-300mmVR

    I know it's a supper zoom and all but just wondering how sharp it is....say compared to the 80-200?? r the 18-55 my guess it sharper than the "kit" lens but not quite the 80-200 sharp... this would make a great walk around lens along with a 35mm prime i would be set. but looking to get...
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    thoughts on the Tamron 24-70F2.8

    would love your feed back on this lens. so if you have used have it let me know what you think. form the reviews i have read it seams like a really good lens and worth the $$ to get a very nice 24-70
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    relase date of LR5 ?

    so I tried the free trail of LR 4 and kinda liked it. thinking about getting it. but now I hear the LR5 is coming out and it has a couple nice features that i like... anyway does anyone have any idea then it is going to be for sale? i tried to D/L the beta but can't seam to get it working. if...
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    what focal lenth is the 24-70mm on APS-c cameras

    hoping some one can shed some like on this for me...I know it's a noob question i have the nikon D5100 with is APS-C sensor so what does that make the 24-70mm in too. i believe X 1.5 is that correct? would that make it a 36-105mm am i correct or way off...
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    thoughst on the Sigma 17-70mm F2.8

    looking to add to my camera bag.... I am looking for a sharp, fast & wide aputre for my general all purpose shooting. i shoot with the nikon D5100 the 18-55vr is a pretty good lens and fr the most part pretty happy with it but I do wish I had a faster low light zoom lens. also have the nikon...
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    feedbacko n recharable batteries for flashs?

    hi all just wanted some feedback on rechargeable batters for my 560 II think these look good but wanted to get others feedback after all that's what forums are for right...:) eneloop NEW 2000mAh Typical, 1900mAh Minimum, 1500 cycle, 8 Pack AA, Ni-MH Pre-Charged Rechargeable...
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    light room 4 VS. PS elements 11 VS. full PS

    Hey guys I am pretty new to PP work and photog in general. I don't want to depend on PP to get good shoots but i know it a really helpful tool to have and use. so my question is... I have PS elements 11 and still learning how to use it mostly just work in the guided workflow but really want to...
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    Help understanding/choosing flash unit.

    OK I am new to photog. and very new to flash photog. I have been watching a few videos nikion CLS w/ joe McNally and a couple of 1 light workshops. anlong with some books from the library. really getting it to this whole controlling the light thing it just amazing....ok ok not gonna go crazy...
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    Help understanding/choosing flash unit.

    Hello everyone, I am pretty new to photography and would like to get in to flash photog. I am watching a few videos like the nikon school for creative lighting, reading Joe Mcnally book hot shoe diaries along with his lighting video and loving it! so the question i have is picking the "right"...