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    Thank you two for your replies and suggestions. D'oh! So much for my RAW processing skills. I'm always worried of overdoing it and then again... argh! Yeah... Especially in the first picture, something like, say, a sailing boat in the lower right corner would have been great. I just didn't...
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    Thanks for looking, I'd appreciate any comment on these shots. Please note: clicking on the image will take you to flickr. 1. 2. 3.
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    Now that's a nice one! I really like the atmosphere.
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    Short listed on Flickr??? (Semi Urgent)

    Just to clarify: if you submit the picture, you're in fact asked to provide a name they can attribute it to, and they also link the image back to your flickr page - just as the terms of submission state under 4.b and 4.c. I've downloaded one of those guides to check, and personally I really...
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    Short listed on Flickr??? (Semi Urgent)

    I've also got one of my shots short-listed for a Schmap guide recently; actually I don't expect the terms of submission to pose any problems, and even if I too do photography primarily for myself as a hobby, getting some recognition doesn't hurt me either. ;)
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    Seattle Skyline

    Just can't take my eyes off these...
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    Another 'German speakers' thread

    I happen to be in the library at the moment, and I've just quickly looked it up in a few dictionaries - I tried to, at least: the only one I could find "so was" in was the Duden, 24th Ed., which indeed denotes it as a colloquial form of "so etwas" ("ugs. für so etwas"). According to the books...
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    Another 'German speakers' thread

    I agree; "sowas"/"so was" is only used in informal contexts, though.
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    I don't think anyone lives here - C&C Please

    I like the black and white conversion, somehow it adds to the feeling of abandonment. Maybe I'd brighten up the shadow areas a bit, but that's just me.
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    What's your favorite settings on your SLR?

    I almost always use RAW - only exception is concert photography, when saving RAW images takes too much time (my pics still turn out horrible...). And shooting in manual mode not only gives me the feeling of having control, but also of having to control what I'm doing, so it might help me to...
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    What time do YOU like to shoot?

    I could never get up that early in the morning, so I'd go for sunset rather than sunrise. ;) Generally, however, I prefer overcast days - controlling exposure seems so much easier then, and you don't really have to worry about unwanted shadows cast somewhere into your beautiful composition; so...
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    Miscellaneous images - C&C please.

    I'm glad to hear that; thanks for your reply.
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    Miscellaneous images - C&C please.

    Yeah, now that you say it - thanks for the hint. Thank you for the feedback, I think I'll give it a try.
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    Miscellaneous images - C&C please.

    Thank you two for your replies. The apparent slant of the last picture is a bit irritating indeed, but I think that this impression is created by the building itself rather than my photograph - to be honest, referring to a "subway" is somewhat misleading in this case, as the station is actually...
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    Miscellaneous images - C&C please.

    Okay, I haven't really checked back to this forum for quite some time now, but here are a few pictures I took in the past months. I'd really appreciate any comment on them; thanks in advance. 1. Freudenau Hydroelectric Power Plant (Vienna) 2. Central Cemetery I (Vienna) 3. Central...
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    Perspective correction

    If only I knew what I'm looking for. :???: Anyway, thanks for suggesting this alternative, and thank you all for your helpful feedback!
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    Perspective correction

    Okay, here I have this picture depicting the pylon of Nový Most, the "New Bridge" in Bratislava, and I'm struggling with its perspective, which seems to be somewhat distorted (it seems to lean backwards). So, this is the original jpg my camera produced: And this is what I'd come up with (I did...
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    Political Forum?

    Cultural Studies, anyone? Just in case: there is an essay by Stuart Hall called "Cultural Studies and its Theoretical Legacies", in which he also reflects upon the influence of Marxist ideas on various theories developed in the 20th century and to which extent they might be still valid or...
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    Extreme Beginner

    You might also consider playing around with these toys (this is not meant as an advertisement): To me, at least, they seem quite useful for getting a rough idea of what focal length may mean. But...
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    Need help with JPG metadata

    Thank you so much, I think that's it: As it seems, I got lost in time and color space. And please don't tell anybody about my metadata-theory, okay? :D