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    RedTail Hawk

    Flew into the tree next to me and was intently looking down. Grabbed a couple snaps.
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    Blessed Wreath

    Other half made this for Thanksgiving. Came out pretty good. Was able to darken the outside but light still in the middle. Think it came out ok this way but a couple letters look off imo. I may go back and try to lighten them up to blend better.
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    Salt Room

    Enjoying some time in the salt room
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    United States Flag

    Seeing them out more and more these days :) When I grew up every house in my area had one hanging from their house. Trend starting to come back from what I am seeing.
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    Happy Halloween (Ice Cream Clown)

    Usually dress up as Clown for Halloween. This year decided on ice cream clown derivative. Came out pretty good. :) The ice cream cone was made out of cardboard cylinder. The ice cream styrofoam. Cotton to fluff up where needed. Paint and sprinkles.
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    The road less travelled

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    Tee Time

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    Halloween Ice Cream Prop

    Coming along...Going to be Ice Cream Clown so making the ice cream cone prop.
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    Looking for some suggestions on edits. I don’t like the sky especially. I feel it looks washed out. If I down expose, saturate, shade, etc it just looks dirty. Any suggestions for a fuller looking sky?
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    Came back tonight for another round. Notice the makeup down through the neck also this time. Messed up with the glare on forehead on some of these. Will try to clean up more. Also playing around with some iPhone pics
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    Purple Cruiser

    Caught this one at the TROG race on the beach.
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    Long Road Home

    Was driving and happen to pass by so I stopped and took a pic.
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    Started with this 40mm pancake Crop to this Edit to this: Couple more:
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    Best method for showing pics on forum

    Curious if there are standards as how how people are getting the pics onto the forum. Examples 1. Upload from pc directly to forum website 2. Use 3rd party image site and link to pic (I see a lot of flickr links in posts here it seems) 3. Can I use mobile to upload decent quality pics? I tend...