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    Viewfinder Preview app

    Just found this app that lets you enter your camera formats, lenses then choose them and scroll through the lenses to see what you would get on your film camera. Also has film stock emulation so pick a b&w and you get to see the tonal separation in your film image. It also has a reflective...
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    Recommended size of developing tank

    I am getting ready to start developing black and white film for the first time since 1961. I now shoot both medium format and 35mm. Would it be beneficial to get a tank large enough to process 2 medium format roles at once? If I do it and only have one roll or one roll of 35mm in a large tank...
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    Mamiya rb67 65 mm lens got locked on camera.

    My RB 67 65 mm lens got locked on my camera and I had to have a camera repair shot pull back the material on the front of the camera to reach the release pin to get it off. I don't remember if he tried mounting it properly with both shutter and mirror cocked and it would come off. I have a...
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    Setting p

    I have been tethering to light room, doing a custom white balance and taking my first shot with each light set up with a shot of a color checker passport. After completing the shoot, I would then use color checker passport photo and then sync those adjustments to all the other photos in that...
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    Paul C Buff product support

    Friday was setting up for a shoot and broke the button cover on one of my cybercommanders. I phoned them and explained the issue. Had also broken the battery cover in the middle of a beach wedding shoot but just pulled out the back up unit and switched battery covers. I need to program the...
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    Viewing card

    I'm sure many of you are stuck at home or even in your house or apartment. Nothing to photo there, right? This is the perfect time to make one of the best photo tools and it is free. Get a file card or piece of cardboard and cut a 2"x3" opening in it. That is the ratio of a 35 mm sensor...
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    HDR with scanned film

    Would there be too much change in color or contrast with bracketed film shots that hdr with the scans wouldn't work? Would there be too much change in color or contrast? I'm not thinking drastic changes just pulling say 2 stops of additional details out of highlights when shooting for...
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    Color film for scanning then b&w conversion

    I am looking to shoot medium format film to scan and use as a toned b&w digital print. I am thinkng using a color film would give me the most control in conversion rather than shooting b&w film. Is that right? I would like a low grain, maximum sharpness, large latitude in the film that scans...
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    rb67 pro S lens won't come off

    Attached lens with it cocked and shutter cocked. Mirror cocks fine, lens fires fine. Have shutter cocked when trying to remove lens. Just cant get it off. No problems with other lenses so I think it is a lens issue. Any thoughts on how to get it off?
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    Alas, poor Mamiya. I knew it well, Horatio.

    I thought would post an example of the sharpness and micro contrast you get when you couple a nikon d850 with a zeiss lens, here a 100 mm makro planar. I was getting ready to update a profile shot because I lost 51 lbs for a bodybuilding show 2 weeks ago and I don't look like what I did at 203...
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    Colormunki now only displays as 4.5x5.5" scrunched window

    I have a laptop that I attach to a large monitor for editing. Color munki was working fine til I downloaded an update. Then it only displayed as a 4.5" x 5.5" window all scrunched and unuseable. I have tried re loading from the disk, same problem. I don't have any problem with lightroom...
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    Anyone using Qimage to manage printing?

    Have been looking at the $60 Qimage software for printing. It creates mirror image or stretch for canvas wraps in a click or 2. It auto arranges multiple prints on a page to maximize use of the paper. It has an auto print feature to print at intervals to help prevent clogs. Anyone have...
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    Storing and transporting large format prints

    How do you store and transport unmatted and unframed prints 24x30 and larger?
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    Moving 100+ images from lightroom to a flash drive

    New to lightroom. Want to bulk process 100+ images to 150 ppi and move to them to a flash drive from Library. Any suggestions on best way to do that? Place all in new file, select all, export and make changes there as sending to hard drive then transfer to flash drive?
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    d850 v MF film

    Has anyone tested to see the difference in quality between a 46 mp 850 and MF film? Not just for sharpness, but also for micro contrast and transition smoothness?
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    Importing from hard drive to light room

    If I load photos to my external hard drive and don't immediately import to light room, when I come back and try to import from the external hard drive the images aren't bright and the import box isn't activated even if I select check all photos. They have not been imported previously. I give...
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    after market Wasabi charger for en-el-18b nikon battery

    I am getting fed up with waiting on a back ordered charger for the above battery for the d850 battery pack. Checked with amazon and they have the above charger for $62 not $369 for the nikon. Anyone have any experience with that charger? Any problems or would you recommend it? I'm sure I...