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  1. qmr55

    Philadelphia Art Museum

    Few shots from the other night in Philly! Parkway from Art Museum by Sam LaMothe, on Flickr Art Museum by Sam LaMothe, on Flickr
  2. qmr55

    Strobe lighting

    I feel like I haven't been on here in forever, with school starting back up its tough to find time to mess around anymore! But I finally got a chance to mess with the strobe kits that I won in @Destin's giveaway! I'm trying to better my product/tabletop photography, this was shot with one...
  3. qmr55

    Water droplets

    So I had an attempt at photographing water droplets tonight, and besides accidentally shooting everything at f/5, I thought it came out decent. Obviously I missed the focus on the top of the droplet, because of only being at f/5. I think next time if I make sure I shoot at f/9-11 I will have...
  4. qmr55

    Ripple lickin'

    Finally got a chance to try out the new 100mm 2.8 Macro, and I love this thing already! My model is kind of cute too.... :345: Ripple by Sam LaMothe, on Flickr
  5. qmr55

    Cigar Store Indian

    Any seinfeld fans? (yes its cold, snowy and i'm bored stuck inside today lol) Cigar Store Indian by Sam LaMothe, on Flickr
  6. qmr55

    New Lens

    I just picked up a Tokina AT-X PRO 100mm f/2.8 D MF AF on ebay for my Canon. They had it for sale with a "best offer" button and I threw an offer out there fully expecting to to be declined, but they took it! What's your guys thoughts on this lens? Paid $150 for it, lens came today its in...
  7. qmr55

    Farnsworth - European Settlers

    I come from a town with a rich history, both good & bad. Read about it sometime if you're bored, Bordentown NJ. One of the first places European settlers ever made town, including Joseph Bonaparte (brother of Napoleon), former and exiled king of Naples & Spain. Like I said, very rich history...
  8. qmr55


    I just purchased photomatix for the first time, wow what a program! Its crazy how much you can do with it in regards to HDR processing. Great first step before taking it into photoshop or lightroom for final editing. If anyone out there likes messing with HDR photography, but might not be great...
  9. qmr55

    Philadelphia at Night

    Some photos from an adventure through Philly, at night :345: Comments and critique are always welcome! 1. Philly Skyline 3 by Sam LaMothe, on Flickr 2. Empty Alley by Sam LaMothe, on Flickr 3. Neon Sign 2 by Sam LaMothe, on Flickr 4. City Hall 4 by Sam LaMothe, on Flickr
  10. qmr55

    Small Town Christmas Wonderland

    The snow poured in yesterday, so I went out to town center to take some shots of the tree! Bordentown City Christmas by Sam LaMothe, on Flickr
  11. qmr55

    Northeast Sky

    So we just had a pretty wicked storm in the philly area, then a rainbow, followed by this sky. I only got to my camera in time to capture the sky, but how cool is this! Sky by Sam LaMothe, on Flickr
  12. qmr55

    Which edit do you prefer?

    As the title states, the top edit is my original with just a little pp. The second one is a more in depth edit. What do you prefer? Critique and criticism always welcome :)
  13. qmr55

    NYC from DUMBO & Beyond

    So i posted recently about taking a trip up to NYC and that was this past weekend! I absolutely enjoyed my trip 100%, it was so much fun! I did not take photos 100% of the time but I did get some cool ones :) I really like signs, so I got a few pictures of cool signs I found. And I've always...
  14. qmr55


    I was in NYC for the weekend and took my first venture into B&H. Lots of gear, lots of used stuff, lots of irrelevant stuff (to me) and LOTS OF PEOPLE. Little too crowded for my taste, but then again it is NYC. Cool to check it out though.
  15. qmr55

    This should be fun....

    Pulled this bad boy out of storage today, everything seems to be working mechanically and I picked up some film tonight. Can't wait to test it out this weekend and see how this old piece works! Pentax K1000 by Sam LaMothe, on Flickr
  16. qmr55

    Cute lil guy

    Squirrel by Sam LaMothe, on Flickr
  17. qmr55

    Abandoned Light

    Abandoned Light by Sam LaMothe, on Flickr
  18. qmr55

    Weight for Tripod

    I am going out tonight and do not have a sandbag available for my tripod, anyone have any quick suggestions to hang from the hook?
  19. qmr55

    Focus Stacking: Camaro Edition

    So I just attempted focus stacking for the first time, more or less because I wanted to teach myself how to do it in Photoshop. Don't mind my "studio" setup, as it was a couple back t shirts and some led lights with home made diffusers. I think I missed the focus on the rear of the car a...
  20. qmr55


    Anyone ever dabble in printing canvas and stretching it on a frame? I am attempting it my first time shortly and just started building profiles to print the stuff on my HP. Any tips or techniques? Can't wait to try it out!