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  1. tM1

    Photo editing or not

    Do many people use photo editing programs or do they always take that picture perfect photo.. I always get lots of photos but one good one
  2. tM1

    Filters and waterfalls

    Just got new D300s, got an expo with ol Ken Duncan. Just wondering.. I don't know much about filters for different locations or sunsets but should I use a Neutral Density filter for waterfalls and tropic rainforrests? A mate said something about it..
  3. tM1

    29 Days Till Ken Duncan Expedition!!

    29 days till my expedition with Ken Duncan in Queensland, Australia. Can say im a little excited!!
  4. tM1

    Not sure about AF?

    Nikon on tripod, timer on for 5s, photo taken but looking at that shot its moved? The pictures blury but its on a solid surface?..
  5. tM1

    Water Damage

    Bought a new Nikon D300s, Tamron 18-270 Piezo Drive lens.. Two weeks of having it, 6:30am setting up my tripod on the beach to cature the bright red sunrise. When suddenly a Freak' wave knocks my tripod over, my $3000's worth of gear is totally submurged in salt water.. She's still working.. For...
  6. tM1

    Noob at forums

    Is it safe to upload your personal photos for people look at without worrying about someone stealing and selling my work? A reply would be great :)