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  1. Andrea K

    50's theme?

    Yes, but none of those pictures are nearly as exciting as mine. Just saying.
  2. Andrea K

    50's theme?

    This should do.
  3. Andrea K

    Guess the Google!

    314 I likes when the word is part of one of the images...
  4. Andrea K

    First Basketball Game

    haha it was not a one really goes to the women's games. i just bought a 50mm f1.8 today so i'm pretty excited and if i get another chance to shoot at a game i'll definitely have a faster lens and won't have to worry so much about a low shutter speed.
  5. Andrea K

    First Basketball Game

    for most of the shots i was at 1600iso, f3.5/4 (i was using shutter priority), and i was going back and forth between 1/200, 1/250, and 1/320. i wasn't sure if 1/200 would stop the action so i switched to the faster shutter speeds but then i had to zoom out to get the larger aperture. i was...
  6. Andrea K

    First Basketball Game

    So this is my first attempt at sports photography. Let me know what you think! Thanks for looking!
  7. Andrea K

    Basketball Photos

    Hey all, Tonight I get the chance to shoot photos for the school paper at a women's basketball game (college Div I). I'll be courtside right next to the basket, so essentially underneath the basket. Any tips on getting shots in focus? I'm nervous about the lighting. I've got a D70 and the lens...
  8. Andrea K

    What headphones do you guy recomend?

    awesome, are those lights on top?
  9. Andrea K

    What headphones do you guy recomend?

    but they have this: ???
  10. Andrea K

    What headphones do you guy recomend?

    i like my sennheisers. i think i got them for like $20 on amazon. legit.
  11. Andrea K

    Post-Count pictures forum game

    1995...Yahoo in 1995
  12. Andrea K

    The iPhone is Friggen Awesome!

    i think i may pick up a blackberry storm on the 15th when i can upgrade with verizon. basically uber excited....i looked at the iphone for a while but no way i can afford the monthly payments. with the storm momz pays for the voice and all i have to do is pay for the data plan.
  13. Andrea K

    Welcome Dan and Doug!

    another year to wait...darn
  14. Andrea K

    Welcome Dan and Doug!

    just posting to see when i joined, curious if i can get that bonus (too lazy to look it up) i'll say hi to the Ds as well
  15. Andrea K

    Can I just say a BIG THANK YOU

    thank you both!
  16. Andrea K

    *CUSTOMERS!* (rant)

    Unfortunately that happens a lot. Being young and working a service job, I've come to expect that and learn to get excited/appreciate when people treat me with respect. I've also learned to be more patient myself with food service workers and other folks working low paying low skill jobs. Take...
  17. Andrea K

    beware of facebook

    hahaha at least he admitted defeat...i know plenty of people who would continue to fight even after such obvious evidence.
  18. Andrea K


    is it here yet??? is it here yet??? It's like Christmas morning I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too bad i get nothing.
  19. Andrea K

    Who's TPF's biggest TARD?

  20. Andrea K

    Shout your Frustraitions to the World

    I am frustrated with school at the moment.