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  1. Neuner

    Hot-Shoe Flash w/ AC Adapter?

    I like to stay mobile and utilize a hot-shoe flash with remote trigger for portraits. If the situation allows for it, it would be great to be able to have AC power for the flash instead of worrying about batteries. Does anyone know of a battery op flash that can also be utilized with some sort...
  2. Neuner

    Photo Shoot Agreement for Real Estate?

    Friend of mine expressed interest in hiring me to shoot a set of real estate photos. I'd like to try and do it right the first time by having a legal agreement for us both to sign. Where do you find such documents or do you have to get a lawyer to make one up for you?
  3. Neuner

    Inexpensive Monolight Strobe Recommendations?

    Lately I've been doing just portraits of my kids using a remote hotshoe flash. My portability requirements have gotten low and I'd like to keep it simple and not go through a lot of batteries. I'd like to get an inexpensive monolight with variable output. My kids are still toddlers so I don't...
  4. Neuner

    Dragar Method?

    I did a search and surprisingly didn't find as much as I thought I would about this subject. I'm curious about the method Drakar uses for his photos. I don't want to copy it exactly but just educate myself on this process. I think it would be neat to have a subtle hint of his technique on...
  5. Neuner

    Any other cool gallery/comp web sites besides Vazaar?

    Checking to see if there are any other recommended web sites that are gallery/competition like Vazaar and Onexposure? Thanks!
  6. Neuner

    Shallow DOF Manual Focus Difficulty Through Viewfinder

    I feel funny asking this since I don't see anyone else having the problem. I have trouble using the small image produced by the viewfinder on the D80 to manual focus on a select object. I've tried out other brands & models and they seem to be the same for me. I have the viewfinder adjusted...
  7. Neuner

    Know How to Create a Cubic QTVR?

    Does anyone know how to create a Cubic QTVR? Examples can be seen on QuickTime's website: I thought this might be neat for some of my family vacations. Even though there appear to be a lot of so-called 'How-to' websites, none are very specific...
  8. Neuner

    Riding out the storm

    While on vacation I was anxious to get some different beach shots so when there were major storm warnings for the entire south-eastern states on the TV, my wife gave we a weird concerned look when I said I was heading out to get some photos. Don't know how I kept my camera relatively dry or...
  9. Neuner

    1981 Canon Speedlite 199A External Power Supply?

    I could have sworn there was an equipment discussion place on this forum. Did something get changed? Anyways - I've been using an old Canon Speedlite 199A Flash that I got from my Dad. I love it b/c it's very powerful. The problem is that it eats batteries like crazy and the recycle time...
  10. Neuner

    FS: Sony DSR-PDX10, 3-CCD 16:9 Native Camcorder, Low-Hours!

    I'm selling a used Sony DSR-PDX10 with low hours for $700.00 o.b.o. A native 16:9 3 CCD Prosumer SD Camcorder with outstanding imaging. This camera has been well cared for and maintained. Only one-brand of tapes was used: Sony. Included are the microphone, XLR adapter, 2x Lens Hood, Remote...
  11. Neuner

    Neat Image Software Alternative

    I've been using the demo version of Neat Image and I think the de-Noise and Sharpening capabilities are really good, however it has been desaturizing my images. I've tried all of the setting, but even the input image appears slightly washed out. I think it also exaggerates the noise in the...
  12. Neuner

    Animal Carnage for Photo/Gallery Competition?

    There is a local competition accepting entries and I'm trying to select photos to submit. The winner will receive a free gallery showing so I need to select several submissions. Since I like to cover a wide range of subjects, I was wanting to submit the following as filler for my wildlife...
  13. Neuner

    Face It -

    I did some art work a long time ago that I've been trying to document in a different way instead of just scanning it in. I took the following photo as a first attempt. I've been getting creative block so any suggestions for a different layout along with the photo itself is appreciated. Thanks...
  14. Neuner

    Face It -

    I did some art work a long time ago that I've been trying to document in a different way instead of just scanning it in. I took the following photo as a first attempt. I've been getting creative block so any suggestions for a different layout along with the photo itself is appreciated...
  15. Neuner

    Please Help with Buzzards & Noon Day Sun.

    Driving out in the country I came across buzzards eating on a dead deer in a field close to the road. It was noon and the sun was harsh but I didn't want to pass up this photo op. I have the original & what I tried to do with it. I wanted to try & use the harsh sun and get a dry-desert heat...
  16. Neuner

    Hawk Having Dinner at Work

    I was getting into my car to head home from work when I saw a very large Hawk eating a pigeon in the field next to our office. Luckily I had my camera in the car and I stopped to make sure all of my settings were correct but I forgot about the iso. I had left it on 800 from an evening before...
  17. Neuner

    Need Primes for Photo Pop?

    For my D80 I started out with a Nikkor 24-120mm f/3.5-5.6D AF and was happy with the results until I picked up a 1.8 50mm. With the 50 my images 'pop' and have that sharpness and contrast that the 24-120 is lacking. I'd like to get another lens in the ~24-120 range that performs better. Do I...
  18. Neuner

    How to edit or manipulate this photo?

    Went to Stage 5 of the Tour of Missouri race and while firing off shots like crazy I captured this one of the Tour de France winner handing his bottle off to a clueless boy on the sidelines. I think he is exposed correctly, but the background is washed out. Everything was happening so fast I...
  19. Neuner

    Red Lunar Eclipse Photos?

    Anyone able to get some photos of the Red Lunar Eclipse last night?