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  1. emogirl

    d300 exposure quick please!!

    Morning everyoneeryone... I just bought a d300, upgrading from d80. My exposure is all over the map, in all modes - from frame to frame of the same subject/lighting. Nothing is consistent. My shooting data is telling me i have my exposure compensation set differently each time, though I have it...
  2. emogirl

    new logo & making an action for it

    Hi All...i need a little ps help. For the life of me, i must be missing something and cant figure it out. After 15 years i finally had a logo designed and love it. However, I want to use my logo as my proofmark on my pictures and run it as an action. I have the logo as a layered psd on a...
  3. emogirl

    d80, slow to respond?

    HI folks...i have 2 d80's...occasionally i have a problem that when i press the shutter release, nothing happens., then works again in a few seconds.....seems completely random. I do not get an error message and i would not think that it is a capture problem, as i am not shooting quickly. i...
  4. emogirl

    US camera stores? (kenko tubes)

    Hey folks...i will be travelling to the states this coming week for vacation and wanting to take advantage of our i need to stop and pickup a few things. Particularly I want to get a set of kenko what stores carry them? I will be in Savannah area, and Greenville NC...
  5. emogirl

    stand for reflector?

    Hi all...i need a stand for my reflector (light disk)..I know i have seen them with 3 or 4 clips to hold the disk in place...I need the proper name...or if you can direct me to a website. Also need a new stand for my umbrella...current one is WIMPY!! any recommendations?
  6. emogirl

    looking for wedding tog in calgary area

    anyone here in the calgary area? I did a family shoot today for a really fun family....combination engagement pics + family....the couple is getting married in the calgary area...i'm in ontario.....i told them i would find someone like me to shoot their wedding! anyone out there???...doesnt...
  7. emogirl

    which park at hilton head to shoot?

    I'll be heading to savannah and hilton head in November and i understand that Hilton head is a great birding area...any recommendations on which park i should go to, the best spots?
  8. emogirl

    tools problem in cs3/vista

    I'm having a glitch in my system, i think.... Its completely random...My cursor for brush tools are only showing a crosshair, no circle around it. And yes, i have checked a thousand times under edit//preferences that they are showing full brush.... Sometimes the circle is there, sometimes i...
  9. emogirl

    showing raw thumnails in CS3/vista??? help

    Hi Folks...i just got a new laptop with vista and cs3. when opening files in cs3 and browsing to files, it only shows an icon for the raw file....i would like it to show a thumnail for easy choosing. I have cs3 loaded on my pc, with xp, and it DOES show the thumbnail. I wonder if there...
  10. emogirl

    vista & cs2

    anyone running cs2 and vista....what kind of problems are you having? I'd appreciate any info.....thanks
  11. emogirl

    advice - proof marking pictures

    How many of you use an impression stamp or have your name across the front of wedding proofs? Or is the "norm" now to include full res files with wedding proofs or give no proofs at all? I have been giving a "proof" album for 13 years of weddings...last year i started using an impression stamp...
  12. emogirl

    pn 11 extension tube

    I posted this in the landscape forum one had an answer...hope someone here will. I found a good deal on a pn 11 extension tube..only $100 in mint condition and I would like to get into some macro work. I'll be using d80 and 50mm 1.4, and a 70-300zoom with it. What kind of...
  13. emogirl

    PN 11 extension tube

    I found a good deal on a pn 11 extension tube..only $100 in mint condition and I would like to get into some macro work. I am using d80 and 50mm 1.4, and also small zoom with it. What kind of magnification would i expect? I understand there is no metering with it or is there spot metering...
  14. emogirl

    whitening teeth in cs2

    I have a request to whiten smokers teeth on a shoot over the do I do that? I'm using cs2. In the past I have simpler made a selection and brighten and that worked ok, but i need to make yellow teeth white....
  15. emogirl

    how long to deliver proofs to your clients?

    After reading the thread about the couple duped by the wedding photographer - I thought it might be interesting to see how long the rest of you take to deliver wedding proofs to clients. What is 'normal' long do you make customers wait? Personally, I have clients albums ready with 2...
  16. emogirl

    coffee table books...supplier?

    Hi All..i'm looking for a reliable supplier, Canadian, of coffeetable books. Also, which do you prefer, the heavy cardboard pages, like a child's chunky book, or regular book pages??? I've had lots of people ask for these and want to offer them this year, but a reliable supplier is key.
  17. emogirl

    do memory cards wear out?

    I was told once that memory cards do wear out....kind of like a video tape being tape over so many times, eventually the quality goes kaput. Is this true? The reason I ask, a friend sent me pics from her camera and she is haivng problems....mostly streaks thru all her pics, i have never seen...
  18. emogirl

    last wedding of the year

    c&c welcome
  19. emogirl


    Read more about these wolves and see more pics here...