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  1. breewolfphotography

    Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR

    I just got the Canon EOS Rebel T5 and I have to disagree with the people saying it's not worth it. It is the camera lenses that matter the most. This camera takes beautiful photos. It is a introductory DSLR camera and it is WAY better then a regular digital handheld. It's a good camera to learn...
  2. breewolfphotography


    The long exposure makes the water look nice. Personally I think the photo would have looked better in a darker area. The light from the right side over powers the rest of the photo. Otherwise good work!
  3. breewolfphotography

    Color or B&W

    I agree with Binga. I think that color looks the best with this particular photo.
  4. breewolfphotography

    nice to meet you all

    Nice to meet you Melissa!
  5. breewolfphotography

    Divi Tree at Baby Beach/Aruba

    The water looks absolutely gorgeous! I love how the tree is the only one around and that it's crooked and blown to one side. Love it!
  6. breewolfphotography

    Hello from Arizona!

    Hey everyone! I'm so glad to have found this forum. My name is Aisha. I am 22 years old and I live in Northern Arizona. I have 3 Golden Retrievers that I absolutely adore and I have a full time job as an Administrative Assistant, I graduated high school early and I started working full time...