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  1. RecepEfe

    Used Canon SX220 HS

    Hi, I found two used Canon SX220 HS in my city. First one is about 60 $ with battery and charger. Second one is about 30 $ wihout battery and charger. I'll use this camera for document scanning mostly (My older post about interval time shooting for document scanning is here) with CHDK...
  2. RecepEfe

    Advice for Interval Time Shooting Camera

    A new question which is waiting for your advices; I found an used Canon Powershot SX220 HS for 60 $. As I saw, CHDK's supporting this camera's firmware. So, what is your suggestions? What should I look and ask to saler before I buy?
  3. RecepEfe

    Advice for Interval Time Shooting Camera

    @dunfly I'm gonna check Nikon cameras but as I see it's too much for me. In Turkey, it costs about 620 dollars. It took my scholarship for three months. Thanks for your advices. @beagle100 I do not know that all Canons have this feature. I suppose I may find an used one. Thanks a lot...
  4. RecepEfe

    Advice for Interval Time Shooting Camera

    Hi, Next year, I'm gonna visit lots of different libraries and archieves to collect books and documents for my Phd thesis. But as you guess, photocopy and buying these will be very expensive for me. Because of this, I want to take photos of the books and documents to digitalize them. As I...