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  1. JustBen

    Where the plains meet the Rockies

    Was able to identify most birds but I am not sure about the turkey vulture. Maybe someone can tell me if I am right, or if it is a different species. Winter Wren American White Pelican with pretty large Nuptial Tubercle Marsh Wren Pair of American Goldfinch A...
  2. JustBen

    testing post

    photo 1
  3. JustBen

    Sandhill Crane Festival - Monte Vista, CO

    Hi all, I just read about this festival coming up 10-12 March. I would like to take this opportunity to get some nice shots of Sandcranes but I would like to avoid the main crowd during the festival days. I assume that the festival is held at the peak of the migration but I guess that one...
  4. JustBen

    Where do you print your photos for a gallery exhibition?

    Hi all, I am preparing my first exhibiton at a local gallery (not the one I talk about in another thread) and I would be thankful for some tips on where you print your photos for a gallery setting. I searched the forum already, but the most threads about this topic seem to be from 2009, so I...
  5. JustBen

    Agora Gallery

    H i all, I was contacted last week by Agora Gallery in New York City and they asked me if they could send me some information about their gallery and the promotional services they offer. Since I had never heard of them before I did some research and found a lot of negative comments about how...
  6. JustBen

    Colorado Springs - Garden of the Gods

    I finally arrived in Colorado and between getting stuff done in our new house and finding our way around here, we also found some time to visit garden of the gods. Here are some of the first shots, but i am still waiting for that awesome sunset with clouds :1247: If someone has some nice spots...
  7. JustBen

    A Morning at Marais des Cygnes (Pic heavy)

    We went to Marais des Cygnes National Wildlife Refuge yesterday morning for the first time and i was pretty excited about all the birds that were roaming around there. My wife was driving, so i just sat in the passenger seat and yelled "STOP!", "Ok, now slow!" , "Slower!!!" "@&%$§" (After the...
  8. JustBen

    Flasher (Great Blue Heron)

    Found that one yesterday. Wasn't ashamed at all... :1398: I was under the impression that heron's would eat turtles, but I guess I was wrong. Or those 2 turtles had no idea...
  9. JustBen

    Eastern Bluebird Couple

    Found a good spot to watch a Eastern Bluebird couple build a nest and raise their chicks. It's just not getting boring to watch them.
  10. JustBen

    Test Attachment

    Test Test 2 (Full image)