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  1. Studio7Four

    Calla Lily, two versions

    Finally had time to shoot something besides my kids, so I figured I'd share. First time trying flower photography in the studio, any C&C is appreciated. Yes, the crop is unusual - it was done to fit my laptop screen, as this is now my desktop background (it's my wife's favorite flower). I was...
  2. Studio7Four

    Physics and Focal Planes

    Due to some recent discussions in another thread I’ve decided to share some fundamental physics on how lenses work, particularly with regards to sharpest focus. Hopefully a little tutorial will help you understand why your camera does what it does (or, more accurately, why your camera...
  3. Studio7Four

    Experience with Sigma EF610 DG flashes?

    I am looking to get a shoe-mount flash for my Canon 40D - admittedly I'll primarily be using it to take shots of my kids in our house and as fill flash outside, but I also wouldn't mind something which I could use for some OCF action when I shoot models on location, or perhaps even to supplement...
  4. Studio7Four

    Cheers from Boston(ish)

    Hey folks, Glad to be part of this community - from poking around it looks like there's a good mix of expertise and interests here. I'm sure I'll learn a bunch along the way, and hopefully I can be useful myself. Photography has been a somewhat serious hobby for about five years or so now...