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  1. jimaroo

    dub exposure

  2. jimaroo

    should i send it in for repairs, or should i live with it?

    i bought a nikon d70s about 3 months ago, so the camera is still under warranty. when you look into the viewfinder at the bottom there are the numbers for your meetering. well the little frame around those numbers got loose in mine, and it moves around and gers in my way. sometime it will be in...
  3. jimaroo

    half of the face dark

    how do you get the effect for having a really dark pic, and half of the persons face is lit up. do you have to bounce the flash and just get a little bit? I don't understand how the flash doesn't reech both sides of their face.
  4. jimaroo

    try this if you like

    sorry i deleted it
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    super imposing a cloudy vision?

    does any body know hot to do this? i have a picture of a girl thinking, and there is a lot of space ont rhe side of her. so i wanted to add in a smaller pic, and make it look like shes thinking of that. i can figure out how to put the two images together, but what i don't know how to do is...
  6. jimaroo

    please help before my camera blows up

    i have a nikon d70s, and i was wondering if anybody knows what voltage is to high for before it blows up. i was using a strobe lite that connected to my hot shoe( forgot what its called) and im afraid that it mite blow up my camera. i've used it a couple times and it seemed to work fine...
  7. jimaroo

    first fun pics with my new camera sorry there kid of big

    I just got a new camera, nikon d70s i like it but i havn't been able to use it during the day, because iv'e been working. but here is the first pics I shot before work there fun ones of my younger brother, and my little boy.all comments welcome 1 2 3 4
  8. jimaroo

    lil samuel

    im trying to get lighting done right but my girlfriend doesn't ever let me practise with the lights on her, and samuel doesn't like it either. so when he was sleeping i brought him into the other room, to get some practice. what do you guys think? all comments welcome can't be too harsh.;)...
  9. jimaroo

    can anyone help my strobe probs

    i have one strobe light, and a small minolta flash. im trying to do the effect of a really over exposed backround and have the subject exposed correctly. i cant figure out where to put the lights to get a good exposer. see the strobe is an excaliber xp 1600 and it goes off when my other flash...
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    I was wondering if anybody knows how to make a halo type effect. i saw some pics where a girl was in a garden, and her hair looked like it was glowing, but only part of the top. i also saw something like that on the cover of some operah magazine , nothing was over exposed in the picture, but...
  11. jimaroo

    new d70s or used d100 w/ 3 lenses & flash

    i have a d50 and im returning to the store, i barely used it but i decided to save a little more for the d70s. but now a guy who used to shoot weddings is going to sell me a used d100 with 3 lenses and a flash for a grand. i can get the d70s for 900, but i wasn't sure witch would be a better...
  12. jimaroo

    nikon power grip

    do they make a powergip, or a booster pack for the nikon d50 i looked up some pictures on the web, but they were prety small so i couldn't tell if they were really for the d50 or not. the power grip for the canon rebel xt looks wierd to me. i like when the grip goes on the camera smooth...
  13. jimaroo

    lens conversion factor

    hey i cant find this in any other thread. if you have the rebel xt and are using a film lens thats 28-80 don't you have to multiply it by something to get the actual zoom that its going to be for the digital? i heard its some thing like, multiplying it by 1.7 i don't really know. just...
  14. jimaroo

    home made star filter

    i guy at a photo shop told me that i could make a 4 point star filter by using screen and a canning jar lid. he said that i could use some screen, from a window, or something else, and then get a lid that would fit around the outside of my lens. then he said to put some foam around the...
  15. jimaroo

    noisy image?

    i don't understand what a noisy image is. does it have anything to do with the mirror shake, or anything like that? if anyone can help that would be greate thanks
  16. jimaroo

    whats this raddeling sound in my canon xt

    i just got a canon eos rebel xt i love it, its a lot of fun, but it makes a raddeling sound when i move the camera upside down, or side to side. i can't figure out where it is coming from. it sound like it might be coming from the flash, but that works just fine. my question is should the...
  17. jimaroo

    kodak or fujifilm 400?

    i was told, that fujifilm brings out greens, and other grassy colors, and i was told, that kodak brings out yellows, and reds and blues. i don't really know if thats true. but my question to you (who ever cares) is, which in your opinoin is better, kodak 400 or fuji 400? thanks
  18. jimaroo

    eos in manual

    i have an eos 1n from ebay, but don't have a users guide. wondering if anyone knows if there is a website to download from:(. i can use the camera prety well , but there are some functions that i don't know how to use. thanks
  19. jimaroo

    6 by 6 film

    hey does any one know what kind of processing 6 by 6 film needs. can you process it with c-41? or do you need a special kind?