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  1. davesnothere11

    Yearling moose calf

    This moose calf has been hanging around all winter mostly, with his mom. She disappeared, run down I fear as it seemed to early to kick him off when she stopped coming around. *UPDATE* This young moose is probably in his second year. The cow and calf are fine. In fact the cow was on my front...
  2. davesnothere11

    Snow Load

    Saw this shed while driving today. It's about he size of a regular detached garage, and the snow is about 4 foot deep around it. My perspective is limited to the street most likely as the owner appears to enjoy his/her privacy based on other indications. I was wondering if I should return...
  3. davesnothere11

    Icicle fun

    So I went out to shoot some photos of the moose that hangs out around my house, but he didn't cooperate and bedded down behind some spruce trees. While I was out I decided to try and do some macro shots of an icicle dripping. It only took about 160 photos to get this: Icicle Dripping by...
  4. davesnothere11

    Eye of birch

    I particularly enjoy surrealist art and today decided to shoot photos and compose a surrealistic image from them as a learning exercise. So here is my first ever attempt. It's not much and not perfect (I wish I had a woodpecker in the yard today too) but anyway, I like it. Please feel free...
  5. davesnothere11

    Moose Orbs

    Hey somebody call Lightspeed I captured Moose Orbs! ;) Maybe its laying eggs? :lmao: MooseOrb by davesnothere11, on Flickr
  6. davesnothere11

    Moose in the yard

    Had a moose in the yard today when I got home today. 2-6-12--DSC_0029_008 by davesnothere11, on Flickr 2-6-12--DSC_0014_006 by davesnothere11, on Flickr And this one I like but I blew out he background on the exposure when I left spot meter on, any suggestions to fix it would be...
  7. davesnothere11

    Mystery Macro 1/31

    Here's a little mystery macro to keep you guessing. Please ignore the slight bit of chromatic aberration? I now know why magnification filters are not so good.:confused: Mystery Macro by davesnothere11, on Flickr
  8. davesnothere11

    In need of suggesions for improving product shots

    Here is a collage of some product shots I have done for my wife. She makes "suncatchers" and wanted me to do photos for her to post on a website. I am wondering if I could get suggestions to improve my efforts. I used a light box with fleece background with clamp lights and GE Reveal lightbulbs...
  9. davesnothere11

    Winter adventure C&C if you like

    Went out to do some winter shots and a little snowshoeing today. This first shot was on the way: #1 winter boat by davesnothere11, on Flickr these next two are bunkers left over from a Cold War Nike Missile sight: #2 Bunker1 by davesnothere11, on Flickr #3 Bunker2 by davesnothere11, on...
  10. davesnothere11

    Too cold to go out so ...

    I made my first try at shooting in manual today. Here are a few of the photographs that I thought were decent. Any C&C you have will be appreciated especially the brutally honest kind. So here they are: 1 Float by davesnothere11, on Flickr 2 Float Macro2 by davesnothere11, on Flickr 3...
  11. davesnothere11

    New guy from Alaska

    Hello, I am newish to the site. So far I've been lurking for the most part absorbing the great information available here on the forum. I've been taking snapshots a long while trying to generate photographs. Recently I have upgraded to a Nikon D5100 to be able to hopefully learn to capture...
  12. davesnothere11

    1st post, a little C&C on some pics

    Hello all. New here and been lurking round absorbing the great info (lots of it!!). While waiting for my Nikon D5100 to arrive, I toyed with (cropped, colors, & a bit of cloning) some point 'n shoot pics to get the hang of posting here. I was hoping for opinions on the following: #1 #2...