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  1. Weaving Wax

    Learning how to determine what aperture and shutter speed/ISO to use...

    I'm in a beginners photo class and am having a hard time knowing what shutter speed and aperture to use as well as ISO. I mean, I know about the relationship between the three, but I don't know what to choose for different situations. In day light do you want a smaller aperture and a slower...
  2. Weaving Wax

    Good sites for on camera flash.

    Are there any good sites for beginners to learn about flash? Not off camera flash, but using an external flash on your camera. I shoot Canon by the way....
  3. Weaving Wax

    Is this bokeh?

  4. Weaving Wax

    RAW with no converter....

    I have a rebel XT and I have the file type set to RAW, but I don't need a converter to open it. In fact, they show up as jepg. I went to menu>quality>RAW. Does anyone know why this is happening?
  5. Weaving Wax

    Flash and light meter for Rebel XT.

    I'm starting a photography course in January and I'm looking into getting a flash and a light meter. What would be compatible with the rebel XT?
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    Help with an image-unsharp mask

    I really like the look of the unsharpened effect, but I created a halo around the glasses and I want to get rid of it while still using the effect for the rest of the photo. Someone told me to create a layer mask. I know how to actually create a layer mask, but don't know what to do afterwards...
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    Some new shots. C+C.

    It's a little blown out by the window.
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    I'm so vain C+C

    Someone once said to practice portrait work by taking some pictures of yourself. Here is my attempt. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  9. Weaving Wax

    Some candid work...C+C

    1. Shutter Speed: 1/125. Aperture: f/10 Focal length 50mm 2. SS: 1/150 A: f/1.8 ISO 100. FL:50mm 3. SS: 1/400 f/3.2 ISO 100 FL: 50mm.
  10. Weaving Wax

    Some B&W C+C?

    1. Taken on the Rebel XT Settings: Shutter Speed 1/60. Aperture: f/11 50mm ISO 400. 2. Rebel XT Settings: SS 1/400 A f/6.3 50mm ISO 400. My black and white conversion seems a little bland. I clicked monocrome in channel selector in CS2. Is this a good way to convert to B&W...
  11. Weaving Wax

    Over exposure. C+C?

    I seem to have an issue with over exposure. Like in this pic.... I don't remember the settings I used (done on film). My question is, how would I go about this type of shot without the over exposure? Thanks WW.
  12. Weaving Wax

    Canon flash for under $100?

    I plan on buying a Canon DSLR for Christmas and my birthday is coming up in a month. I was wondering if anyone knew any good flashes for under $100 that is pretty good to start with. Thanks.....
  13. Weaving Wax

    Upgrading Canon film SLR to a DSLR.

    I know I'm posting a bit early, but for Christmas this year I want to upgrade to a DSLR. I have a EOS 650 and would like to stick with Canon as I have the 50mm 1.8 lens, plus, if the DSLR's are anything like the 650 I know my way around the camera. I'm looking at the rebel XTi, but am open to...
  14. Weaving Wax

    Kodak Hawk-eye...

    I'm putting this here because it says it takes 120 film, so I assume it's medium format. My mom just gave me a Kodak Hawk-Eye No. 2 Folding Cartridge Model C that was lying around. I looked it up on the kodak brownie site and it said it was made in the 1930's. It looks really dusty and I might...
  15. Weaving Wax

    Just some fun..toy camera shots. 56K?

    Also, I do not have photoshop on this computer... and... Both taken on the "special moments" camera found at Dollar tree's...
  16. Weaving Wax

    Holga question..

    I did get some Holga scans, but all of my hand-held pictures come out blurry like this: I do hold it very well and I hold it very I know I's a holga, but it seems like I can't seem to get ANY decent hand-held shots. 70% or so of my EOS pictures come out ok. I...
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    Ok, I'm moving to an area where the closest decent lab is a 20-30min drive. Now, I shoot film and I work with 35mm and 120. I mainly shoot color so developing it myself would be too much of a pain. I'm looking for a place to mail into that has a reasonably quick turn-around can do both 35mm and...
  18. Weaving Wax

    Now theres only me...

    I did post this in the general gallery with a few other shots, but I think this one came out the best. Taken on the Holga. I like to mood and the blur of it. C&C welcome. Please be kind, this is my first shot with the Holga and I'm well aware I've got to work on that camera shake...
  19. Weaving Wax

    Holga Photography!!

    1. 2. 3. 4. These were taken on a Holga. Meaning, there will be grain, light leaks and other "imperfections"...I'm also aware of the blur. Partially because it's a HOLGA. Keep these things in mind as you view! Thanks for looking!
  20. Weaving Wax

    Mail in photolabs..

    I was looking for an online photolab that can process both 35 & 120mm film and do cross processing for color. I mainly shoot color and do the occasional B&W (which I'll be learning to do myself). Anyone know of any good places? I did search...