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  1. joshuaraineyphotography

    Aperture setting changes as number of people in photo increases . . .

    The online depth of field calculators are a huge help. I usually shoot less open with more people in the frame. Also a slightly wider angle helps with the dof anyhow and you want to use wider angles with more people. Sweet spot usually being f/3.2 or so fo full body on a 35 prime lens for me...
  2. joshuaraineyphotography

    Tips For Holding A Camera Steady

    You could also try shooting on a mirrorless (or via liveview on a dslr) and have the strap around your neck with your arms extended outward to create a brace of sorts. Works great for low light shots for me. Shorten the neck strap so your arms don't have to extend so far out.
  3. joshuaraineyphotography

    Portrait photography advice?

    I prefer as much distance as possible, maybe 15ft or so. That way you can stop down a bit and still get the background slightly bokeh if needed. I usually shoot portraits in studio around f/8 or so.
  4. joshuaraineyphotography

    Intro From Oregon

    Glad to find this group of photographers! I'm a wedding and portrait photographer from Oregon. Thanks!