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  1. Robin Usagani

    I love Derrel but.....

    why the heck do I see his profile pic all over my browser. I am using. an iPad.
  2. Robin Usagani

    Bad influence

  3. Robin Usagani

    Adding a person into a photograph

    If you are wondering why I did this, visit the blog. Basically it is for a Christmas card. Final product.
  4. Robin Usagani

    I miss the day

    I really miss the day when I was not money driven. I used to love to shoot anything. Now I have lost the the drive and only shoot for money. A couple of models have approached me wanting to elaborate but I kinda turned them down because I want $. I don't feel like leaving my house just to...
  5. Robin Usagani

    Groom party

  6. Robin Usagani

    A little boy in the field

  7. Robin Usagani

    Bailey and Doug

    Just a few favorites.
  8. Robin Usagani

    A gift from God

  9. Robin Usagani

    I did not shoot this

    But I did restore it. This is my wife's grandpa. He was MIA in Germany during the WWII. Her mom was still in the womb when he was MIA. Now that I am posting it, I see more flaws to fix. I didnt do a very good job around the forehead.l
  10. Robin Usagani

    Father in law

    He wanted a professional photo. I just noticed there is a strain of hair on his chest. Need to photo shop it out lol. I thought it was on my screen.
  11. Robin Usagani

    A couple more fire stuff

  12. Robin Usagani

    Burning Love

  13. Robin Usagani

    A sad day for TPF members

    Mishele is off the market!
  14. Robin Usagani

    Let's fight

  15. Robin Usagani

    Beast mode

    Full set:
  16. Robin Usagani

    Pot fund

    Taken in Las Vegas.
  17. Robin Usagani

    Open letter to a few people here

    I get it.. a lot of you don't like me. It really does bother me that I cannot get a long with a few of active members here. And I think it ruins the forum experience when all new members see are active members arguing each other. Sure, it is partly my fault for being defensive all the time...
  18. Robin Usagani


    It is not a typical headshot. I shot these using 50mm pretty wide open plus using multiple frames merged to create super shallow depth of field. I probably used 4-6 shots. This time I also used a strobe. What do you think? I did some traditional too.
  19. Robin Usagani

    My latest finger painting

    Done with an ipad and no stylus. I am getting better but still no where close where I need to be. Hopefully one day you guys cant even tell it was a painting.