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  1. AliasPros

    best portrait lens for Canon Rebel Xsi

    a "Nifty Fifty" is the best 100 bucks I ever spent when I was shooting REBEL, however I did upgrade to the 50mm f/1.4 Ultrasonic due to, tiny focus ring and poor build quality. The 1.8 is a sure bet if your still learning, the 1.4 however will last you a lifetime and is an amazing investment.
  2. AliasPros

    70-200mm Poll Help Me Out! (Canon)

    I currently own and shoot the 70-200 f/2.8 L non IS and love this lens!!! It is very fast and even though the IS is amazing (plan on upgrading in near future) the non IS does a great job a capturing sharp images. I didn't plan on shooting it that much either however I find many reasons to keep...
  3. AliasPros

    FIRE WORKS a little Different???

    While everyone was shooting fireworks in the sky I shot some on the ground. Let me know what you think... 1. 2. 3. 4.
  4. AliasPros

    Some for C&C, getting the hang of the 5D Mark II...

    I do not take your comments as an attack, if I did I would not post my pics here for C&C. Thank you for you feedback, that's what I am here for. I do not have much experience with Photography, I have always focused my efforts in VIDEO PRODUCTION and I am a noob to photography. I agree that the...
  5. AliasPros

    looking for criticism!

    #3 Has redeeming qualities, however did you shoot more pics that day? Would like to see what else you captured, maybe you have some sleepers you are not sharing from that day?
  6. AliasPros

    4 from the 4th

    HAHA, invisible arms! I LIKE IT!
  7. AliasPros

    First attempts...C&C PLEASE!

    #1 is nice, other then the easy fix of color temp in LightRoom, however I would have liked to see more looking room to the babies left. When a subject is looking off to the left or right it is nice to give them room in that direction so that they don't feel or look crowded in the pic, just a...
  8. AliasPros

    Im Almost Embarassed to Put These Up...

    PLEASE, tell us camera body, glass and settings...
  9. AliasPros

    New to the forum, new to photography.

    Nice work Taylor! Glad to have you here at TPF!
  10. AliasPros

    Check out my used tripod and homemade reflector

    NICE! I need to do something like this!!! Don't always have a buddy to hold a reflector for me!
  11. AliasPros

    Im Almost Embarassed to Put These Up...

    I LIKE #4, good work!
  12. AliasPros

    Deekim - Beginner

    Not feeling the Grayed out sky on the pics of the white 1st gen Celsior however over all a nice set... Please number you pics next time so it's easier to comment on them! ;)
  13. AliasPros

    Need Advice...

    Used CANON EOS 40D $600 if you shop Loved mine and sold it to a good friend that was looking to get into photography for $600 he is doing GREAT with it! I would take a used $600 D series camera over a new $600 rebel XSI that's just me... Rebels feel like toys after you are used to build...
  14. AliasPros

    Some for C&C, getting the hang of the 5D Mark II...

    I am so in love with this camera and shooting full frame! What a difference! Please take a look at the shoot below. This is one of my first shoots with a model to work with and practice with! I need all the help I can get so please give me any pointers that will help me on the next shoot... 1...
  15. AliasPros

    computer dummy

    Hmmm... sounds like that laptop is a bit underpowered for photo editing however if all your worried about is space and not performance, I would recomend getting an external hard drive. All that is, is literally a laptop hard drive encased in a plastic case that connects to your laptop via a USB...
  16. AliasPros

    What lens?

    I have the sigma 10-20 and shoot it on my 40 and 50 D's and love what it does on a cropped sensor! Build quality is legit and HSM Motor is spot on! For the money I am impressed... I am sure the Nikon mount copy is just as good... Never owned a Tokina so I can't speak on it... Happy shoppin!
  17. AliasPros

    Fun with the Fifteen... C&C please

    Nope not a brush, its a PS plug in by master retro called "Machine Wash" I think I am liking it too, the filter is very tweekable, I think I might have lesned the effect a tad bit more but over all its a sweet filter/plugin...
  18. AliasPros

    purple plz

    I am assuming that the original flower did not have this fringe?
  19. AliasPros

    Fun with the Fifteen... C&C please

    1. 2. 3. Messing around with the 15, getting a feel for composition with such and extreme type of lens... Please C&C and give me some pointers... Thanks in advance
  20. AliasPros

    just two for C&C :)

    On the C&C, being a graphic designer for almost 5 years professionally and running photoshop since I was a kid loading it on floppies! I have seen a lot of work done with PS and the rule of thumb is "Less is More!" Most people jump through the gate trying to use every bell in whistle in PS and...