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  1. HoangDuy


    Silk - Alessandro Baricco is one of my favourite book. I was in love with a Japanese women in that book. With no Asia eyes. Hope you like it.
  2. HoangDuy

    God lef us in the Winter

    I took this photo 2 years ago. When i and my model go to a field. So cold and sad, it's December. So. This 's my flickr: Redeath Shad Flickr - Photo Sharing And my photography page on Facebook: EXOTIQUE Photography Facebook
  3. HoangDuy


    Those photo was taken when i and my friend go to the forest that far form the city. Actually, maybe in few months, people will destroy to build a new building. So sad. I want to take something was dark in the sunset. I love this girl 's face. I use canon 550D Hope you like it. Thanks for...
  4. HoangDuy

    The Devil 's Thrill

    I love to take photo with my violin, and in this album i want to do somthing special, so i use photoshop to make my friend like an dark angel with a violin. I use canon 550D. Thank for waiching.
  5. HoangDuy

    Safe and Sound

    I really love that song. So i want to take some pics so peaceful, sad, and quiet. I take my friend go to a forest, and take those picture. Hope you like it. I use canon 550D
  6. HoangDuy


    I took those picture on sunset of a summer day. The rail near my house and model is my friend. I use canon 550D. And use photoshop to retouch it. thank for watching.