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  1. MRivera

    Orange county ,south CA,USA

    Let me know if there is a meet up...Would like to participate in one...
  2. MRivera

    ***Fight Club*** Round 60 Voting

    Totally forgot about fight club this week... here is my vote thou: 2010 - OiiiiiiiO Link - cwjones Blown Away - Mishele Extreme - leighthal Picture in Picture - Stamp
  3. MRivera

    *** Fight Club *** Round 60 today, 2:00 EST

    Totally forgot about fight club this week... Hopefully next week i'd remember..
  4. MRivera

    ***Fight Club**** Round 59 Voting

    Miss this... I would like to start playing... here are my 2cents... Theme 9 - OGDaniel Theme B - GFreg Connection - Mishele...Nice idea!! It is almost over - GFreg A needed break - Butcountershaft
  5. MRivera

    new guy here

    Welcome, this is a good place to learn... the book understanding exposure is addition check out some other from your local library...
  6. MRivera

    I am back again...

    Wow, it is been a while since my last visit to this place...After relocating to California did not have much time to check on the forum... Hope I can start checking this place again and learn more about photography, a passion that is growing day by day... Regards from California...
  7. MRivera

    Fight Club Discussion

    This seems like an interesting thread, If i remember I am in, now 1 question. I know the fun is to post for all the given categories, but what if on a occassion I can't find anything for one, could I still be able to participate and post for the categories I have completed?
  8. MRivera

    Greetings from a TRUE NOVICE!

    Welcome to the forum... "understanding Exposure" by Brian Peterson (not quite sure on the author name) is a well recommended book here... I'd suggest that if you buy it get it through an online store, for its low price. In addition, take a trip to your local bookstore and browse other books...
  9. MRivera

    K200D or D40

    I have a the Pentax K100D the battery is not issue. I have rechargeable and usually carry extra on my pack...But if i were u take a walk to a local store and hand hold the different camera models so you have a feeling for each brand. Good luck.
  10. MRivera

    08 Assignment-YELLOW- Due October 15 or whenever

    This photo is from couple of months ago.. just one of those night playing around with the camera... Just wanted some m&m's....
  11. MRivera

    '08 Subject Assignment-SONG TITLE- Due August 9th

    Thanks, Will try this the next time...
  12. MRivera


    Nasa Sounds good...
  13. MRivera

    '08 Subject Assignment-SONG TITLE- Due August 9th

    This is an old photo but i think it fits perfectly here: One Headlight by The Wallflowers [/IMG]
  14. MRivera

    '08 Subject Assignment-SONG TITLE- Due August 9th

    See you later alligator by Bill Haley [/IMG]
  15. MRivera

    '08 Subject Assignment-SONG TITLE- Due August 9th

    Hello; Does any one knows how to post from I can't post my image. thanks for your help..
  16. MRivera


    Maybe we could meet somewhere in between... I am sort of new to Florida so, don't know much about the distance of cities...We definantely will have to figure something out to meet... any suggestions?
  17. MRivera

    Hello...New member here

    Welcome from another Floridian... Wepa area (West Palm Beach)...
  18. MRivera


    Sounds like a good idea... let's see if we could get something together to go there...
  19. MRivera

    Do any stores do financing?

    Ritz camera...
  20. MRivera


    Well there is no phot shoot schedule as of yet. But I am sure we could work on organize one. What would it be the best time for all? maybe we could come to an aggreement on when and where to meet. PM me for suggestions.