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    I've finally went and done it!

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    I've finally went and done it!

    He said 9,000 total clicks on the camera. And i think Nikon will clean the sensor for free if the problem arises again even after the shutter replacement. I'm hoping i don't have the problems with it. I got for $850 and it looks mint.
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    I've finally went and done it!

    I just ordered a Nikon D600 i hope somene can ease my fears of buyers regret as it will be a week before it gets here. All i can think about is oil spots on my sensor! Lol it has 9,000 shutter clicks on it and the guy says he never had the spot problem with it, but sent it too Nikon for the...
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    Stupid question here, I need help with sizing

    at the risk do being yelled at by the anti Walmart folks, maybe try them? They have great prices and Quality Prints!
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    What is the deal with megapixels?

    Thanks everyone! I guess that must be it, I cannot afford any L series lenses so I'm using kit lenses a 40mm STM lens a long with a few m42 takumars and a T mount zoom lens. None of which do the 18 megapixel sensor justice. But still I am impressed with the quality of 6.3 mp digital rebel I...
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    What is the deal with megapixels?

    Ok thanks for the info!
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    What is the deal with megapixels?

    Hi every one I have a weird question, why does my 6 megapixel $60 digital rebel take better photos than my 18 mp rebel t3i and my 24 mp nikon D3200? I know megapixels isn't everything, but this seems very odd to me? The photos are just clearer with less artifacts in them. I have not compared...
  8. Cocoa


  9. Squirrel


  10. Chipmunk


    A dinner guest
  11. At the lake

    At the lake

    Fishing at the lake
  12. Deer


  13. Deer


  14. Turkey Buzzard

    Turkey Buzzard

  15. Deer


  16. Khloe and I

    Khloe and I

    My grand daughter and I
  17. My buddy Cocoa

    My buddy Cocoa

    My dog Cocoa
  18. My daughter and Grand Daughter

    My daughter and Grand Daughter

  19. Grand daughter family

    Grand daughter family

    Khloe my grand daughter
  20. Bunny