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  1. Vik880

    Computer monitor

    I did some searches on here and still came away scratching my head. Typical of this site ha. Anyways I'm looking to buy a monitor. I'd really like to keep it below 300. Of course i will be buying a calibration set up as well. If you want to suggest one of those as well please do!! I'm really...
  2. Vik880

    How to master white balance?

    I've noticed a lot of critiques of photos on this forum(mine included) have this phrase somewhere in there: "your white balance is way off" Perhaps my thinking of what white balance is is wrong, i use it as way to create the depth of colors that i saw when i shot the photo so in pping i'm...
  3. Vik880

    Wedding portraits c&c

    I took pictures for a friend, taboo and dangerous i know, but i live on the wild side. While these shots blow others away i would like this forums' thoughts. Thanks in advance.
  4. Vik880

    C&C please

    Any C&C is greatly appreciated on either of these. Thanks in advance =)
  5. Vik880

    Few questions about technical stuff

    After much much reading i have numerous questions, I'll consolidate it all here to prevent thread overload. I've picked up that some people use double A's over a battery pack, what would be the reason for that?? Speed of a memory cards ability to process images, is it a significant enough...