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  1. weepete

    The carnivorous Sundew

    Mrs weepete took a fancy to some carniverous plants last year, and bought a monkey cup and a venus fly trap. We both got a bit facinated by them, so I got her a nursery earlier this year. Currently we've got 5 venus fly traps (with some being the B52 variety). A couple of North American pitcher...
  2. weepete

    Among the Tombstones

    Nice shots mate! We've got gangs of marauding house sparrows in the back garden. I do like the birds, but there must be a good 50 or so nesting nearby. Got a couple of feeders out, so they are constant visitors, and I think out compete a lot of the other small birds. We'd occasionally get a...
  3. weepete

    Please help a noobie: why should I upgrade my camera?

    I'll echo what others have said, the D3200 is a decent camera for general photography, and it should be good enough to learn on. At the start, you'll be limited more by skill than by the technical aspects of your camera. Mirrorless cameras seem to be the way the industry is going, so getting in...
  4. weepete

    Low Light Through the Orchard

    That's some great light there!
  5. weepete

    Unable to get a sharp image when shooting aircraft

    looks like you are making progress. If you don't want to blow out the background there's a couple of options. Canon's partial metering mode is designed to help with backlit objects, so you could try that. Another way would be to fick the camera into live view framing the brightest area of the...
  6. weepete

    Fairy on Her Shoulder

    🤣🤣 Aye, been a pretty rough year for Aberdeen mate, but at least it looks like youse will avoid relegation. I had fears when Gerrard left, but wee Geo's done a cracking job. All to play for in the Final now, though that may yet sting!
  7. weepete

    Fairy on Her Shoulder

    Kinda makes Tim Minchin's "Storm" pop into my head! I like tattoos too, only got a couple though. Been thinking of getting another but not quite sure of what I want yet.
  8. weepete

    Another Victim

    Yup, that first one is a real belter!
  9. weepete

    Unable to get a sharp image when shooting aircraft

    Yeah, that looks to me more like you're just a bit beyond the limit of your lens plus a bit of underexposure. It's very easy to underestimate how close you need to be with long lenses. Try and get a day with some nice blue sky and clouds. Depending on the orientation of the landing strip, you...
  10. weepete

    Wildlife Photography at night

    Yeah, you won't have enough light. Technically you can shoot at night, but that tends to be wide angle and long exposure times. You'd be better off shooting some infrared video if you want to capture that!
  11. weepete

    Unable to get a sharp image when shooting aircraft

    Depth of field won't be an issue at those distances. Using a DOF calculator just to do a quick check shows that even wide open at 600mm your DOF should extend from 4,000 to infinity. Normally around f8 is sharpest, so try it there. Your shutter speed is a bit slow though, to avoid camera shake...
  12. weepete

    How to take photo with colorful outdoor background, while indoor

    I don't think the built in flash is powerful enough to even up the exposure difference here. You probably need a speedlight to even up the exposure difference. It's a good idea to use your in built light meter to see what the EV difference is between the foreground and background. There's a...
  13. weepete

    Jewelry - Pearl Necklace, C&C please.

    Think you're about 12 years late with that one!
  14. weepete

    The Surfer

    Outstanding Sil!
  15. weepete

    Annual spring in the city post (pic heavy)

    Cherry blossoms are great! My parents had and old one in the centre of their lawn we used to climb as kids.
  16. weepete

    Eurasian Buzzard

    Lovely shot there Jeff! nice light and good framing.
  17. weepete


    my 16-35mm f4 L, brilliant lens
  18. weepete

    Into the Sun

    Nice light on that bird!
  19. weepete

    Computer update question

    There's a compatibility list lwith Catilana here: macOS Catalina is compatible with these computers If it's not showing automatically, create a time machine backup then try and download it from the app store. Also make sure you have around 20GB of free space. full instructions here: macOS...
  20. weepete

    Nikon D3200 - Cant adjust settings by cameras whell

    Digital cameras are not easy to repair, the best thing to do would be to send it to a Nikon service centre for repair. It could be the contacts for the switch have been corroded, or gunked up somehow, that would explain the intermittant fault.