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  1. bosuzoku27

    CP+ (Photography Event/Exhibition at Yokohama)

    CP+ is an event where the camera companies display their latest models, while also providing interesting subjects/settings on which to test those new cameras on. This first set of photos was taken with the Fujifilm X-H1:
  2. bosuzoku27

    2018 Tokyo Auto Salon

    This past weekend there was another great event, called Tokyo Auto Salon. It's a showcase/exhibition for customized autos and their makers/manufacturers....
  3. bosuzoku27

    Comiket (Comic Market), Winter 2017

    Comiket is Japan's biggest comic event, as well as its biggest cosplay gathering:
  4. bosuzoku27

    Tokyo Comic Con

    Here's some photos from the "Comic Con" here. It's not as big as the more local content-type events (such as Comiket/Comic Market) but fun nevertheless.
  5. bosuzoku27

    Quik: Work trip to Kyoto

    Shared this with my team (who were in many of the shots) and they loved it, hope you do too?
  6. bosuzoku27

    Tokyo Motor Show

    One of my favorite events to attend here, and there are many! Anyway, here's some of my shot from the event:
  7. bosuzoku27

    Greetings from Kanagawa, Japan!

    Hello! I'm just a fun loving person from Kanagawa (in greater Metro Tokyo region) and I've loved and had fun with but never been serious about photography. Lately the photography has just been used as a tool to remember the fun times, but when I do get semi-serious about it I love to do...