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  1. Weaving Wax

    Best Time Of Day??

    I usually shoot after sunset.
  2. Weaving Wax

    New to the forum, still learning the art form...

    Hey, I think there is a intro forum around here somewhere isn't there? Anyway, Welcome!
  3. Weaving Wax

    My "Ahhh-Haaa" moment

    I never knew how vignette was pronounced. Thanks.
  4. Weaving Wax

    Pepsi :) C&C

    I like the pepsi pic.
  5. Weaving Wax

    A few New photos C&C (must see :D)

    I like the first one.
  6. Weaving Wax

    Music when shooting...

    For some reason I like Cocteau Twins in the darkroom.
  7. Weaving Wax

    Three for C&C, black and white skateboarding inside!

    The sky is a little blown out in the second pic.
  8. Weaving Wax

    whatever you like C&C

    It look like an upside-down version of your other hallway shot.
  9. Weaving Wax

    abstract C&C

    The original is more interesting.
  10. Weaving Wax

    A few for C&C

    I like them. The first one reminds me of an HDR or something....
  11. Weaving Wax

    C&C this please its my first portrait :)

    The highlights are blown out and the shadows are too dark. There is a halo around the man as well.....
  12. Weaving Wax

    majoring in photography?

    Where did you go to college?
  13. Weaving Wax

    Posting for comments - azalea

    The Background looks blown out.
  14. Weaving Wax

    Learning how to determine what aperture and shutter speed/ISO to use...

    I'm in a beginners photo class and am having a hard time knowing what shutter speed and aperture to use as well as ISO. I mean, I know about the relationship between the three, but I don't know what to choose for different situations. In day light do you want a smaller aperture and a slower...
  15. Weaving Wax

    Good sites for on camera flash.

    Thanks! Looks good.
  16. Weaving Wax

    Good sites for on camera flash.

    Are there any good sites for beginners to learn about flash? Not off camera flash, but using an external flash on your camera. I shoot Canon by the way....
  17. Weaving Wax

    BMX C+C

    Maybe a little too much contrast.