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  1. Jeatley

    What do you guys think of these?

    1. Looks Soft. 2. Nice but soft and nothing catches my eye. Great Water Blur. 3. Colors seem off. To vibrant bill too red 4. Great 5. Lots of noise and busy. 6. Very Nice.
  2. Jeatley

    Just a dog, being a dog.

    almost said Where is the dog? Pretty Cool!
  3. Jeatley

    why does no one have anything good to say?

    I might be wrong but I don't like it when people sugar coat it for me.... Just say what you got to say.
  4. Jeatley

    Dealing with People

    I did take a close friend out once. The first hour he was asking a bunch of questions that were way to big and complicated for what he understood. So 1st hour I gave him these huge answers with all the little details. then the second hour I told him to for get everything and we would go...
  5. Jeatley

    Auto Focus. Automotive Art

    I am heading back this year for the same show. They sponsor me and I sponsor the show, Kinda Trade off. I have plans to do a couple of sessions during the show. Lining them up. I have to go up there for a meeting with the Show owners and the base in late July. I will bring it up then. See...
  6. Jeatley

    amazing HDR photos

    Some look out of focus while layering them. Some are cool and some are ok.
  7. Jeatley

    AUTOMOTIVE - Your Car Photography

    Your my new hero! I really like these!
  8. Jeatley

    d-90 Question

  9. Jeatley

    Dealing with People

    My new Answer for everything!
  10. Jeatley

    Auto Focus. Automotive Art

    That would have been great to shoot at night but the car show was on a base and they said we had to be out by sunset.
  11. Jeatley

    Auto Focus. Automotive Art

    Here is another image that was for Rat Rod Magazine.
  12. Jeatley

    Auto Focus. Automotive Art

    Here is almost the same shot in all color. And the Jacket was that red!
  13. Jeatley

    Auto Focus. Automotive Art

    I do have it in the file with 3 different edits. One desaturated. one normal color and this one. I just like this because honestly the other colors in the image barely show anyway.
  14. Jeatley

    Car meeting

    This is a better shot but the car is still under exposed. It is making the car look dirty. Keep shooting until you get the shot straight out the camera. My goal is to be able to print exactly what I shoot. Yes I still edit them and tweak them but getting right in the camera is so much more...
  15. Jeatley

    Nikon D3200 DxOMark score: second best APS-C camera ever

    or dare I say downgrade?
  16. Jeatley

    Auto Focus. Automotive Art

    What is the question? It is one of his sponsors. I think you are asking why did I do the selective color. I did it because everything else in the shot is gray tones. Red is the only bright color.
  17. Jeatley

    Auto Focus. Automotive Art

    Thanks, We are working right now on numbers to set up a formal shoot. This one I had to work with what we had. He was preforming a show and I tried to get the cleanest background possible for the area we were in. We also had to worry about wet spots on the ground because it had been...
  18. Jeatley

    The world exposed, Your world in photography.

    I don't think I would ever include these words when advertising my products... CHeap to me means a cheap product
  19. Jeatley

    Hello =]

    A friend and I use to do challenges where we would pick a very small area like one city block. or a back yard or even the interior of a house and see who could get the best shot in 30 minutes of shooting and 30 minutes on the computer after. It was a great challenge and taught me to find good...
  20. Jeatley

    The Sign

    reminds me of one of my shots.....I kinda did the same. HDR? LR4? I like it by the way! I would make the white sign more white.