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  1. ukreal1

    images on CD (technical issue)

    Not sure id this is the right place, but didn't know where else to put it, so here goes... I gave a recent client a DVD and she can read it and all but she just emailed me and said when she tried to get some prints at shutterfly and mpix, they both flagged the images as small res. I don't know...
  2. ukreal1

    Finally got my website together...

    Check it out HERE
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    presentation of CDs

    For those of you that offer images on CD, how do you present them? Do you print directly onto the CD or use those labels? I went to get some labels but they are no longer in stock because they said it was being replaced with lightscribe and since I am in Okinawa, I don't have much shopping...
  4. ukreal1

    website and blog together

    Hi all, I was looking at someone's website the other day, it was a photographer from I don't know where, but they had a blog that doubled as their website, rather than the 2 separate. I thought it was really cool and now I can't find it or any info on this type of blog/site. Anyone familiar with...
  5. ukreal1

    LOGO, what do you think? Thanks :o)

  6. ukreal1

    Business name

    Hi People, I was wondering if you would able to help me decide on a business name... These were the names I was thinking of, but I can't decide... Pamela Oliveras Photography web address Pamela Photography web address People. Love. Life...
  7. ukreal1

    Target Market

    OK, I am starting this new thread on Mike's advice...please give us input! Thanks Here's the sort of start... Quote: Originally Posted by *Mike* Usually of their child. For bridals, we have a higher sitting fee, and usually do lower print sales. April...
  8. ukreal1

    Blu Domain

    Does anyone use them and if so would you recommend? Also, any advice/recommendations on hosting, web templates, etc Thanks so much! P
  9. ukreal1

    Model shoot, critique please...Thanks :o)

    edited on picnik, I cannot get my mind around ps... from a photoshoot at a 'haunted' hotel here in Oki... Link Here couldn't get image to post, sorry...
  10. ukreal1

    Konichiwa from Okinawa

    Just found this site, so getting acquainted with it! Looks like fun and informative. I am here looking for info on editing, watermarks, etc. I come from the old school...SLR and Ilford, staying up half the night in a small clost darkroom. I usually use picasa to edit, but recently been on...