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  1. loopy

    ND Filters: Fixed vs Fader? Anyone heard of Cameron?

    Hi there, I'm looking into purchasing my first ND filter, mainly for LE landscape photography. I initially thought that a variable filter would be perfect to test the waters but I've read mixed reviews. Would a "fixed" ND be a better choice? I found the Cameron ND Fader Filter at my local...
  2. loopy

    Backpack Recommendations

    I'm planning on doing a lot of camping/hiking this summer and I need a good comfortable backpack. My boyfriend will be packing most of the stuff, but I need a good bag that - Has easy camera access - Able to fix 1-2 small bodies, a 55-300mm, 50mm, and 18-55mm - Is water resistant -...
  3. loopy

    Bearded Dragons

    I've seen a couple threads from members showing off their bearded dragons. Not surprising, as they make great models. :D This is Ammo.
  4. loopy

    A couple shots of my domestic companions

    There is never a shortage of chaos at my house with 4 dogs and a cat :P Thanks for looking. Freya + Lexi The old lady of the household, Lucy the 14 y/o Golden Retriever My little sidekick Lexi The Boss, Maggie My roommates dog Sammie *film
  5. loopy

    Looking for a "crash" proof case

    Next year, my boyfriend is planning on buying me a dirt bike. Personally, I'd prefer a quad so that I can pack along my gear on rides, but ... apparently I have no choice ;) I don't want to have to leave my camera behind. So, I'd like to find a waterproof case that can fit into a small...
  6. loopy

    Rock Climbing

    Rock climbing in Kananaskis. C&C is welcome. 1. 2. 3. 4. Full set can be viewed on my flickr account :) Rock Climbing - a set on Flickr Thanks :)
  7. loopy

    Control your Digital with a universal remote!!

    I haven't really been on lately, but I found this link today and while my camera doesn't have the ability to connect with a wireless remote, I figured a lot of you could benefit from this article:,1697,1881645,00.asp Enjoy ^_^
  8. loopy

    Getting Creative in your Darkroom

    1. File down the edges of your negative carrier to create a "rough" look on the edges of your prints. 2. Keep your blank film, and lay it down on the print while exposing your picture... makes for an interesting border or texture. 3. Lace... I use lace around the edges of my photographs...
  9. loopy

    New Camera Shots!

    Finally was able to get out with my new camera the other day. Here are some of my shots. Wouldn't mind hearing some critiques... Thanks!
  10. loopy


    Tomorrow night I would like to cook a meal for my guy. The only problem is, I can't cook. I really can't cook. I botch kraft dinner for goodness sake. Anyone have any good recipes that are easy and idiot-proof? Thanks! Loopy
  11. loopy

    Kodak D-11 Developer

    I picked up a couple bags today while I was browsing around, for the price... I couldn't help myself. I'm trying to get into developing my own b&w negatives, but this is something I haven't done for years and when I did I didn't have to worry about chemicals, they were provided.. I tried...
  12. loopy

    some photos from my walk

    It was beautiful here in Calgary today. Here are some pictures from my walk Feedback welcome :) We'll start with color...
  13. loopy

    8 ball

    This was my first real attempt using a macro lens. Feedback welcome. I know its a tad blurry, which is somewhat due to the scan. Cheers, Loopy
  14. loopy


    And feedback would be great!
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    This is more of a personal site. Would love feedback Cheers, loopy