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  1. julz

    Infrared / thermal imaging cameras - buy/hire?

    Hi everyone, wondering if anyone knows if infrared cameras are ever available for hire as theres no way i can afford to spend ££££s on one. I am situated in Belfast Northern ireland and ive tried searching for hire on google with no luck. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers! Julz...
  2. julz

    Russian Insects

    please click on each image to see the bigger photo :wink:
  3. julz


    ireland amuses me...
  4. julz

    Ballintoy Park thing in N.Ireland

    my mum and her friends made me go out for picnic with them when it was freezing and i wasnt in a great mood and didnt bring my good camera but i thought i'd take a few photos anyway, sorry for the crappy pentax optio 430rs. lol (the first two are edited with photoshop cs)
  5. julz

    Havent been here in ages!!

    hey everyone, this place has changed loads!!!!!! im so confused and theres so many different forum divisons. im gonna try and go on here way more, coz i kinda miss it. julz
  6. julz

    urban environment

    these are some pix for my other project based on urban environment.
  7. julz

    plants and stuff, botanic gardens

    woo, havent posted in ageeeees! here's some pix that i took for my art, in botanic gardens in belfast
  8. julz


    i just decided to try out taking some pix near my computer light thing, they turned out kinda crap tho, i cant wait till i get a better camera
  9. julz

    mark, happy birthday

    :mrgreen: :gun: <<<<mark happy 19th birthday :hug:: :greenpbl: :lol: :lmao: ;) :hugs: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :lovey: :lovey: :lovey: :lovey: :lovey: :lovey: :lovey: :lovey: :band: :pirate: :pirate: :pirate: :pirate: :pirate...
  10. julz

    sigur ros

    if anyone hasnt seen this, it rocks, you have to watch it a couple of times to get it tho: p.s. where did all the shortcut thingies go?????? am i blind or does everyone have to write their own codes now?
  11. julz

    tv and all

    you know when they get kids to play small roles in indicent movies and stuff, the kids would prolly wanna see the movie after its done, so what do they do? say, sorry you have to wait 10-15 years...?
  12. julz

    georgi ostashov

    tis not my site, but i reli like the photos on it
  13. julz

    apples in the snow

    my mum needed a pic for her billboard or callendar, so i took some shots, dunno if she would need any of these, but here's some of them on a small scale
  14. julz

    random thoughts - ghosts

    hm, just been thinking about this for the past week or two. when i watching most haunted live, they always seem to ask ghosts and spirits to make a noise to let the presenters and the crew know that the spirit is there or something. has anyone realized, that sometimes you sit in a quiet...
  15. julz

    fave music

    hm, this prolly has been posted before, but i was just wondering whats everyone's fave bands etc since im reli into music. i noticed it was all in the very wide range in the what are listening to now thread tho mine are: bowling for soup(easiest band to meet, ever! hilarious and very sweet...
  16. julz


    i was bored, so decided to take these and try out that close up thingie
  17. julz

    piccies(new to photography too)

    i kno that im crap at this, but here's just some pics i tried out with my digi camera (obninsk, russia)
  18. julz

    hola everyone

    heya, im julz, im live in the uk, but im from russia. i love photography, but im new to it. i've always liked it, but never got into it. so im enrolling for a photography class next week. i just got a new camera today canon 300V, and i my digi is pentax optio 430 RS (hate it) and tis me: