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  1. Witness

    most basic gear/must have's

    so my little sister has been hounding me to buy her a camera for her birthday, i've decided in stead of going out and buying an expensive body with some junk kit lens i would just give her my little XSi and throw a few of those "must have" items that should be in every amateurs camera bag...
  2. Witness

    first shot at HDR... ever

    I've never done this before, never even been a big fan of it. I do not usually do much post shot adjusting. Well i had my house to myself tonight, a six pack and about 30min of pure frustration this is what i ended up with. most likely my first and last go at HDR unless i can find a way to...
  3. Witness

    new here

    i stumbled across the forum while digging around the net for some tech information. i liked the layout of the site and decided to join, hopefully i'll have something to contribute to make up for the information i absorbed.