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  1. Unmanedpilot

    How much memory?

    So how much memory do you normally use or have handy in your bag? Since I got my camera I've been using a single 2GB CF card and has done pretty well. However I just recently found 8GB (2 4GB cards) for $40 at Costco and couldn't pass it up. Recently looked at the same brand at Best Buy and...
  2. Unmanedpilot

    What the?

    Did the forum just literally change as I posted a reply? I saw the old style of posts, then mine was in a new format.. then once I went back to the man page everything was different.... Talk about a quick change!! :confused:
  3. Unmanedpilot

    Totally pointless post.

    Has it ever taken someone almost 3 years to make 100 posts? Longest I've ever taken on a forum just to make 100 posts ;)
  4. Unmanedpilot

    First portrait shoot

    Had a friend ask me if I could do some portraits for him, he wanted to do it as a gift for his mom for Mothers day. so Ive never done it before but I though I would give it a try. We tried a few different poses but he decided on this one for the final print: Comment? Criticism? All are welcome!
  5. Unmanedpilot

    Luke Days

    Just one photo from the Airshow at Luke AFB, located to the west of Phoenix. C&C encouraged :D
  6. Unmanedpilot

    Yet another thread on Dust. Or is it?

    Ok so here's what I'm trying to figure out. Ive been trying to get rid of some dust on my camera, I tried the dust delete data feature with my XTi. I took a before shot, did the delete feature, then took an after shot and I saw no difference, same speck patters in both shots. I'd like to try...
  7. Unmanedpilot

    Thinking about adding a TC

    So at the moment I have a Tamron AF 75-300mm F/4-5.6 lens, and its all right but its defiantly a budget lens. Ive found that its fairly sharp at f/9 - f/11 and about 250mm zoom. However, I would like to extend that range and don't have much of a budget so I'm thinking about getting a...
  8. Unmanedpilot

    Sky Harbor

    One of my passions other then Photography is Aviation, Luckily they both work well together! Comment if you like, but at least enjoy the photos :D
  9. Unmanedpilot

    Four Peaks

    Well I don't do a lot of landscapes, and I'm not terribly good at them, but its defiantly one of my favorite things to do since I get to explore the outdoors. Either way I went on a trip to Four Peaks which is located north of Phoenix, AZ and I thought I would share some photos with everyone...
  10. Unmanedpilot

    Ran across a man..

    Who stated that he did not believe digital photography is photography. Something that especially caught my attention mostly was the part "Traditional photography used the darkroom to pass light through a negative, to project a latent image onto a paper coated with silver halide. It took...
  11. Unmanedpilot

    Couple of New Photos

    So I have been really getting back into photography recently, so I spent a few hours this morning exploring the area. I got a couple photos and I would love some feedback! Full size: Full size...
  12. Unmanedpilot

    Am I on the news?

    Saw this hovering outside my dorm the other day. There was a grease fire in one of the other dorms that unfortunately burned a man fairly badly as I've heard. I was very happy with the chance to take the Photo though. I did a good amount of work in post processing. Most of which was spent...
  13. Unmanedpilot

    Depth or Flat?

    So I've been taking photos for a couple years now, actually trying to take photos instead of snapshots. So far I've understood what I'm doing and can relatively grasp the concept behind things however something that I have read on here that I just don't get is how to add depth to something. Such...
  14. Unmanedpilot

    Coke anyone?

    Hey, long time since Ive posted but every so often I get a photo that I want to share with a group such as this. I was in Gilbert Az taking some photos naturally and I ran across this sign. It was originally in color so this has had some photoshop work done to it and I would love some feedback...
  15. Unmanedpilot

    Monsoon Storm

    I don't post very often here as I'm sure many of you are wondering just who I am ;) However, every so often I get some nice photos and like to share them where I know people know what their talking about. Well I'll try not to talk to much more. These were taken yesterday south of Tucson on...
  16. Unmanedpilot

    Just looking for some general comments

    Hey, its been awhile since I've posted but thought I would just drop by and post a few photos. Fist I was Downtown and on one of the court buildings I noticed this pattern on the side of the wall. It was a quick snapshot but It turned out pretty good I think. Second this is a car outside of...
  17. Unmanedpilot

    Did some experimenting in my room

    Well I'm just avoiding homework and playing with my new Rebel XTi. I started taking a picture of just an empty shell then it quickly moved into a small scene with me pulling out my Just-for-fun shooting rifle. I liked how the shot came out but feel theres something that can be added or taken...
  18. Unmanedpilot

    Desert Pictures

  19. Unmanedpilot

    finally a website

    So im creating a website as basicly a gallery. I only have one gallery up and need to figure out how to convert a .psd into .html before I fiannly get my entire site up. Comments are greatly welcomed on not only the site so far but also the pictures.