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  1. StvShoop

    coronado bridge (large-ish image)

    hope this works on people's browsers. i wanted to make you scroll across the thing ;) this is one of my favorite things in san diego.
  2. StvShoop

    considering graduating from the "consumer"-grade camera league

    i'm looking for any suggestions on a new camera. i should start off by saying that i'm digital now and plan on staying that way :P maybe i'll go film when i have enough $$ to keep my own darkroom. what i've got now is a Minolta Dimage Z1, which i'm quite happy with, but i think i'm...
  3. StvShoop

    hello! also, shipments to turkey??

    hello! i used to be here all the time a year ago, but i've been busy. too busy to take photos, even (at the rate I used to). Maybe i'm back... ;) gotta say, i'm back on business. I'll get to the point: Does anyone know how to ship stuff from Albany, NY to Istanbul, Turkey? I've got a...
  4. StvShoop

    ah, fundamentals. let's have a pow-wow =)

    hello everyone! i've been a stranger to the photoforum :? only had time to buzz through a very few of your marvelous photos since college started this semester. I'll make a decree to myself to get back into the groove of here as soon as school is out, maybe sooner! ^---- that's all...
  5. StvShoop

    the light of inspiration

    took this one a few weeks ago. this guy is a fantastic professor. too bad he was only with my class for a few weeks. my computer functionality is limited right now, but maybe people have suggestions for me to try later? looking at this one on a crt screen, the foreground is way too dark. i...
  6. StvShoop

    ciao in roma

    hello photoforum :D i miss coming here so much. iàm in rome for school, and iàm not in the place where we have regular internet yet. some photos are here lots of em are snapshotty iàm sure, mostly theyùre for the parents. i look forward to...
  7. StvShoop

    parkersburg homecoming (344kb)

    i didn't want to go at first. but then i realized "hey, it's one of the few occasions around here that it would be easy to take pictures of people". maybe i can count this as my submission to the photo challenge 2 :o
  8. StvShoop

    forum down?

    was the forum down for a few hours today? i'm only just now able to connect. all my other internet stuff worked fine it was scary :pale:
  9. StvShoop

    [Q] exposure settings and color richness

    i believe i heard someone on here say that they got better richness of color with high f-stop and low shutterspeed (better than vice versa) i experimented with it a little, and it seems like it might be true. photos not edited except for resizing and compression, of course :wink: f8.0...
  10. StvShoop

    feel that brick texture

    first off, i meant to post this 10 hours ago, but i lost my webspace password :shock: i think this shot needs some kind of change, but i can't figure out what. i did all my normal ps stuff to it, and i kept comparing the altered version to the original, and the original kept winning! this...
  11. StvShoop

    dangerous x-rays?

    i had a thought... i'm going to italy next semester. when i get on the plane, they'll use some kind of x-ray or something to scan my stuff. anyone know if this type of scan would damage a digital camera? i know it's not good to point a digital camera at the sun, so could a penetrating scan...
  12. StvShoop

    archiving photos to cd

    i couldn't find the thread where people were discussing how solvents in markers can eat through cd's, so i make a new thread :) i just want to suggest that if you're digital, and you have a lot of photos burned to cd's, re-burn em! not only am i avoiding the evil solvents, i'm getting out of...
  13. StvShoop

    physics messed up my fun

    minolta dimage z1, f3.2, 30secs, iso200, 3:30AM two of me combined and left only a double-ended arm behind... rahhhh *monster noises*
  14. StvShoop

    digital iso question

    ok... my digital camera has a mechanical shutter, and settings to change the shutterspeed and aperture size... that makes sense, but why does a digital camera have a range of iso settings? :? isn't iso all about chemical stuff? what changes do different iso settings affect in the making of...
  15. StvShoop

    bentley microstation?

    the "photoshop versions" thread inspired me to ask you people about this. kind of a long shot, but i don't know who else to ask. does anybody use or know someone who uses bentley microstation? it's a cad package, but has a million other functions. what i'm trying to find out is how the heck...
  16. StvShoop

    guess what this is... 3!

    almost forgot about this little game :wink: what is it?
  17. StvShoop

    swingset in the sunrise

    a simple photo, maye it's boring :P mostly i would appreciate some comments about the post processing. did i take it too far? (biggie size it) and the original:
  18. StvShoop

    is there a posting ratio...

    i feel like i post too many comments about other people's photos, and not enough photos of my own. but you ppl's photos are all so great :shock: i feel like i have to pick a real winner before posting a photo. any comments on this? i just need to get out and take more cool photos, probably.
  19. StvShoop

    the moth saga

    i almost ran this guy over in my car, but i came back and carried him to my porch for a few photos. he was a good subject, though the lighting was... night. at one point he crawled up to my shoe. i got maybe two shots of his wings spread out, and then it disappeared! i looked all...
  20. StvShoop

    wrong breed of dog

    my black lab looks like a dachshund! larger i think it has to do with a combination of his posture, the sinkiness of the dog bed, and maybe the shadows. something to give a sense of scale would have helped too. i didn't notice until someone else showed me.