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  1. MRivera

    I am back again...

    Wow, it is been a while since my last visit to this place...After relocating to California did not have much time to check on the forum... Hope I can start checking this place again and learn more about photography, a passion that is growing day by day... Regards from California...
  2. MRivera


    Hello, Just wondering if anyone interesting to meet, I live in the central east part of FL. I am new to photography and would like to meet other members of tpf to learn more about photography, what works? what doesn't work? and maybe organized a field trip to go somewhere to shoot. Regards,
  3. MRivera

    Does your camera follow you everywhere you go?

    Just wondering how many of you carry your camera everywhere you go? I sometimes do and look around but i don't find anything to shoot.
  4. MRivera

    To buy or not to buy a light meter

    Hello All, I have been reading quite a few things on photography. I came accross to something that say that a light meter will help you in a way to compose better images in relation to advice you what kind of setting to use when you shoot. Now, my question is, being new in photography would i...
  5. MRivera

    suggestion on camera backpack

    Hello everyone, I am currently looking to purchase a bag to keep my camera safe. I would like to buy a backpack to carry my SLR, books and laptop. I have check on amazon but I can't decide what to buy. My only concern is that the backpack must not look like I am carring a camera. Any...
  6. MRivera

    Late Introduction...

    Hello everyone, First of sorry i am late to introduced myself but as the saying goes "it is better late than never"...Well I joined the forum in November of '07, since then i have been most of the time hanging on the beginners section, becuase I am a beginner in photography with hunger to...
  7. MRivera

    First Photos with my camera

    Hello all, Here are few photos taken with my new camera. Thank you in advance for your advice/suggestion. [/IMG]
  8. MRivera

    Book Recommendation

    I am new at this forum and photography. I own a Pentax K100D super. Since I bought itfew weeks ago, I have been trying to purchase a book to learn more about photography. I am looking for a lesson type book that will teach me the basic and technics of this art. I wonder if any of ou know a good...