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  1. Andrea K

    First Basketball Game

    So this is my first attempt at sports photography. Let me know what you think! Thanks for looking!
  2. Andrea K

    Basketball Photos

    Hey all, Tonight I get the chance to shoot photos for the school paper at a women's basketball game (college Div I). I'll be courtside right next to the basket, so essentially underneath the basket. Any tips on getting shots in focus? I'm nervous about the lighting. I've got a D70 and the lens...
  3. Andrea K

    Moral Dilemma

    OK, not really a moral dilemma. I was shopping for an umbrella today and realized that I would really like a small/smaller than a d70 digital camera. I have been going to some events/shows where I'd really love to have a camera but don't have the capability of lugging my d70 around so I want a...
  4. Andrea K

    The Blizzard of '08

    An unexpected "blizzard" passed through at school tonight. It was really only an inch or so on the grassy areas, but it's the most snow I've ever seen down here. I know the second one is blown out at the top of the chapel, and the color seems to be off. I've never been able to take...
  5. Andrea K

    It's been a while

    It's been a mighty long while since I've posted here or taken pictures for that matter. I went out today, here's what I got: Thanks for looking, Andrea
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  7. Andrea K

    Bike Path

  8. Andrea K

    long time, no post

  9. Andrea K

    has anyone heard of

  10. Andrea K

    Some black and white

    Haven't been out in a while. Figured I would go for black and white. Let me know what you think. Thanks for looking.
  11. Andrea K

    Orange Bowl

    So who will be watching Wake Forest in the Orange Bowl??? I will be. The end.
  12. Andrea K


    Hey, Can anyone tell me how to take pictures of smoke? How would you get a white smoke line and a black background? Thanks, Andrea
  13. Andrea K


    This is what the main quad on campus looks like after our big win in football last night against Boston College: Thanks for looking!
  14. Andrea K


    I have an important announcement to make: Wake Forest University football is ranked (yes, ranked) #22. This is the best start we've had since 1979. For all those unfamiliar with WFU, I attend it so it is great. Thank you and have a good week, Andrea.
  15. Andrea K

    Out for a walk

    Went out for a walk at school, here's what I got: Thanks for looking!
  16. Andrea K

    Quiz Qeustion Cheat Sheets

    Today's quiz question was uncharacteristically difficult, so I thought I'd make a list of interesting websites that may help answer future quiz questions. Feel free to add your own:
  17. Andrea K

    Fresh after a bath

    Just washed my car today so I took some shots of my car along with my brother's. Thanks for looking
  18. Andrea K


    I've never seen anything like this where I live. Not really sure how serious it is; it's hard to tell because people are freaking out but I can't tell if it's because it's really a problem or because it hasn't happened in years. Anyway, I didn't think the flooding was as close to home as it...
  19. Andrea K

    British Photographers

    Do any of you guys know of any well-known British photographers? I'm doing a project, for my Brit. Lit. class on the modern era (1900 - present), and part of the project is the art of the modern era. We have a several artists (Warhol, Rockwell, Dali, and Picasso), but we need at least one to...
  20. Andrea K

    Skyline Drive

    These shots are from Skyline Drive located somehwere in Virginia. Thanks for looking!