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  1. JustBen

    Where the plains meet the Rockies

    Was able to identify most birds but I am not sure about the turkey vulture. Maybe someone can tell me if I am right, or if it is a different species. Winter Wren American White Pelican with pretty large Nuptial Tubercle Marsh Wren Pair of American Goldfinch A...
  2. JustBen

    testing post

    photo 1
  3. JustBen

    Lost in the beauty of nature

    Hm, 2 minutes the same clouds is pretty boring. Why don't you try to get different clouds (shapes, colors, types) in one video? Maybe you could set them in a wider context to tell a story. Just an idea.
  4. JustBen

    Backing up your photos

    I have 3 backups: Original files that i work with on one HDD. 1st backup on a network storage device. 2nd backup on an external hard drive. 3rd backup online using encrypted cloud storage. Everything is setup to backup automatically. I think this is important, that way you don't forget to do...
  5. JustBen

    Help! How do I time/date (capture date) back of printed images?

    You could also change the file name to the date and time taken. Some companies (like Mpix) print the file name on the back.
  6. JustBen

    Critique sought for photography website / portfolio

    1) I agree with Light Guru. The baby blue background does not work. Try to go with something more subtle. 2) I also don't like the font you used for "Brent Leftwich Photography". It kinda looks a little too playful in my mind. I really like your photos, this is some great work! Checked your...
  7. JustBen

    Avoid the dirty look of the picture when uploaded on Facebook?

    Do you upload it in full size? If so I would resize it yourself and then upload it. That is how I do it.
  8. JustBen

    Canon 70d creative Filters

    I don't know the 70D, but it would not be the first time that HDR gets in the way of a specific function on a Canon Camera...:rolleyes: If you have HDR mode activated, try to deactivate it, then try the filters again.
  9. JustBen

    Adobe Photoshop CC

    What you could try, is to open the file with GIMP and then save it again. GIMP is free, so could be worth the try.
  10. JustBen


    I think you are right, this is a nice flower! I can see myself already crawling around it for hours, while people walking by think i am nuts...Not that this ever happened before...:icon_wink:
  11. JustBen

    Silo. Feedback??!!

    Interesting concept, but I think the outline of the plant is not interesting enough to shoot it like that. My first thought looking at the photo was: Where is the detail in the plant? And then I got what your idea was. I would also get rid of the the other plants that are coming in from the...
  12. JustBen

    Here some of my B&W

    I like #4, with the clouds in the background! #3 is missing contrast, and the leading line of the rails don't really lead anywhere interesting. The telephone booth could be a good one, but because parts of it are missing, it looks kind of unfinished.
  13. JustBen

    Pondside & Townside

    Glad I could help! Just keep on shooting! :alien:
  14. JustBen

    Pondside & Townside

    Hi, here are my thoughts on your photos: Number 1) I like the light on the foreground and the vegetation. I would have used an open aperture to blur out the background more, so the viewer is more focused on that part of the photo. The background as is, is too distracting and does not contribute...
  15. JustBen

    Which lens make more sense for me to buy?

    What are you planning to photograph more? Portrait or Landscape? For the Portrait i would go with the 35mm F1.4 and for Landscape i would go with the 16-35mm.
  16. JustBen

    Camera recommendations

    I think in the $100-200 dollar price range you will not find a lot that is better than your iphone. For $400 you could get a Canon PowerShot G9 or something similiar. My To-Go camera if I want to go really light is a Canon DSC-RX100.
  17. JustBen

    How to keep going

    I am not big on portrait, but i know that some photographers and models work on TFP (Time for Print) basis. This means that they do a photo shoot together and both of them get the photos. I would try to google for FTP websites, maybe you can find models that need practice and are willing to work...
  18. JustBen

    Planning a trip to Norhtern Idaho

    I have never been there, so i cannot give you first hand experience tips. But If i go somewhere i haven't been before i always use Google Earth and check the photos in the area to find some possible photo spots. Maybe you can give that a try.
  19. JustBen

    Photoshop and the cloud.

    I am not familiar with MacOS, but is it maybe an automated backup of all photo files to the Apple Cloud?
  20. JustBen

    WhatsApp Gruppe für Fotografie

    Dies ist ein englisches Forum, daher solltest du auf Englisch schreiben auch wenn deine WhatsApp Gruppe dann in Deutsch sein wird. For all that do not speak German: I asked him to re-write in English, since this is a English speaking forum.