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  1. Ann75

    Downtown Vancouver & Stanley Park, BC, Canada

    Hi Everybody, It's been awhile since my last post, but I finally had some time to go out and take some photos. It was a fairly nice day yesterday and we went to downtown Vancouver and walked from the Canada Place to Stanley Park where we spent some time. Here are some photos from our...
  2. Ann75

    Mountain views at the west coast of Canada

    These photos are all taken on top of Burnaby Mountain which is located near Vancouver, BC, Canada. Burnaby Mountain is more like a hill than a mountain, but the views from up here are fantastic. You can see Vancouver city from here, the ocean, the surrounding mountain and Indian Arm which is an...
  3. Ann75

    A view over downtown Vancouver from higher up

    These photos were taken at the Cypress Mountain Lookout in West Vancouver. From here you have a great view over Stanley Park, downtown Vancouver and the surrounding area which is located on the west coast of Canada. Here are 3 photos I took from this beautiful viewpoint. I hope you enjoy these...
  4. Ann75

    The beaches of Olympic National Park, Washington State, USA

    These photos were taken at Rialto Beach in Olympic National Park in the northwest corner of Washington State, USA. Olympic National Park is such a diverse and stunning place. You could say it is 3 parks in one. You can enjoy the amazing surf and beautiful beaches, you will see spectacular...
  5. Ann75

    Colors in the Snow

    Hi Everybody, After a rare overnight snow fall on March 1 of last year (2007) I headed up to Burnaby Mountain to capture some scenery shots of the snowcapped mountains. Instead I bumped into these beautiful yellow crocuses popping out of the fresh untouched snow. Enjoy!
  6. Ann75

    Vancouver sunset reflections

    These photos were taken in Vancouver, looking from downtown Vancouver towards North Vancouver and the mountains. The sun started to set and left some neat reflections on the buildings and the snowcapped mountains. I added a bit of contrast and a frame in the post processing. Enjoy and thanks...
  7. Ann75

    The Canadian Rockies (some from the archives)

    Hello Everybody, My first post of photos on this forum. These are some from the archives and taken with my old 1.3 megapixel camera in the summer of 2005. I hope you like them. Thanks for looking, Ann :) Photo 1: Bow Lake, Banff National Park Photo 2: Moraine Lake, Banff National...
  8. Ann75

    Hello Everybody

    Hello Everybody, My name is Ann and I live near Vancouver in the province of British Columbia which is located in the western part of Canada. After buying my first digital camera in 2001, a Sony Mavica FD85 (1.3 megapixels) I got a little interested in photography. In the beginning I only took...