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  1. Studio7Four

    Portraits of a friend

    C&C per request: I like the first one. The crop may be a touch tight, but it works with the narrow staircase to impart a slightly claustrophobic feel to the shot. The way her fingers are folded in on both hands adds to the tension in the shot, as does her hunched pose and her crossed legs...
  2. Studio7Four

    Girl portrait by the windows

    I also really like the composition. I like that it’s so close to symmetric that the slight lean to her pose puts her just asymmetrical between the windows, giving her and the image some subtle attitude.
  3. Studio7Four

    Water Skiing

    I really like the B&W shot…is there anything chance this was cropped from a wider view? I really like his position relative to the left, too, and bottom, I’d be interested in seeing how it works with more of the spray included to the right of the frame. That would tell me more of a story I...
  4. Studio7Four

    "Christmas Past..."

    C&C per request: First, I like the subject. I'd like to see it with snow on the ground as well, but what can you do? This was a difficult lighting situation, with some of the mausoleum in direct sunlight and other parts in appreciable shadow. It looks (at least on my work monitor) like some...
  5. Studio7Four


    I don't mind a shallow DoF in portraiture, I think it's an artistic choice that when done well can really work. This is close, there are just a couple things that, for me, take it down a notch. You did well nailing the focus on her right eye, but that seems to be at the far end of the focal...
  6. Studio7Four


    I'm glad that you said that you were intentionally playing with the colors - the drastically different looks was the first thing that jumped out at me. I really like the first one. I think you nailed the lighting on it, I can absolutely believe that he is standing in the light of a streetlamp...
  7. Studio7Four

    At the creek

    My FIRST thought, before I even scrolled down far enough to see your crop question, was that she needs more headroom. With that headroom I'd have no problem with where the lower, left, and right edges fall, I think it's a very nice capture of the scene. If you want to make it more about her...
  8. Studio7Four

    The Palouse of Washington Shot in B/W

    Very nice set! I particularly like that you broke the rules and shot a landscape in portrait orientation (#3)...I'm sure this has a different feel to it than if you had shot it conventionally.
  9. Studio7Four

    Roxi Taken with Fuji

    I don't mind the speaker in shot 1 at all, I think it helps set the environment. Nor do I mind the perspective - getting an almost 3/4 view of her front while still getting the back side of the guitar seems to me to be a classic guitarist view. I do, however, wish there was a bit more dead...
  10. Studio7Four

    Kwesi (I need your opinions)

    I can't say that my mind went to the "bars" interpretation immediately, or even on it's own. But something did seem off about the shadowing, and I did accept that interpretation pretty readily. There are two reasons that my mind was so willing to go there: 1) The two vertical shadows running...
  11. Studio7Four

    Colty and Esmeralda

    I like it - quite a bit - but I don't love it. That's only because the light is having two different effects here which I feel are working against each other rather than being complimentary. On him, the light creates almost exclusively either flat shadow or blown highlight (the exception being...
  12. Studio7Four

    "The Farm ..."

    Not to jump on the bandwagon, but the overdone vignette was the first thing that jumped out at me too. Bear in mind that these are only our opinions, and I get what you were trying to do with the Grapes of Wrath feel, but I think Derrel nailed it when he wrote that it's a very heavy effect. I...
  13. Studio7Four

    I need some feedback.. i feel like these are my best so far

    Feedback per request: I personally prefer the muted colors of the first, they fit the mood better for me. That shot also minimizes the effect of the house in the background, it's bright enough in the second shot to start to compete with the dove for my eyes' attention. I like the depth of...
  14. Studio7Four

    Art and Artist

    I second this. My first thought in seeing this image was that it was quite a striking scene, but my second was that I really would have liked to see a version of this with the entryway centered in the image and squared up to the frame. I think that architectural symmetry would enhance the...
  15. Studio7Four

    Some B&W's to Share

    C&C per request: Reed College Great Lawn, Winter I like this shot and the treatment. I don't find the dark tree to the right to be too distracting; I think it's darkness helps establish the depth of the scene (the trees in the background are much lighter, the trees in the mid-ground - the...
  16. Studio7Four

    Quartet portrait

    Especially for something of an impromptu direction I think this came off very well. I personally like the varied wardrobe. At a very quick glance the mustard in the bottom-right seems out of place, but almost that exact shade seems to be in the detail work of the grey top in the top-left...
  17. Studio7Four

    Can washed out work in this case?

    I left and came back to this image a number of times and yes, in this case the blown sky does too good a job of pulling the eye away from the bench. I actually really like the composition of this image even if it does break some "rules" (the bench facing out of the frame rather than towards the...
  18. Studio7Four

    Dev and Hamed [NSFW... Seriously]

    In the realm of "things you can't unsee" really looks to me like Dev's right leg is going down through a hole in the sheet/bed. But seriously, since you mentioned the bed/bedding as being one of your nitpicks, I was trying to explore my feelings on it (that's why I noticed the leg). I...
  19. Studio7Four

    What's your thoughts on these pics

    I like the first two, but more as pseudo-abstracts than as captures of the scene. For the first, I like the combination of the black top and bottom (I'd remove the visible ground at the very bottom and crop or edit it to go full black all the way to the bottom) with the horizontal bands in the...
  20. Studio7Four


    In addition to the above comments, the composition of these doesn't work for me. The first is way too tight up top, with too much camo on the bottom half. In the second, while the spacing is much better, just isn't particularly interesting, with her squared up to the camera and centered...