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    Ross London 12in xpres f/5.6 (e.m.i) Lens

    Howdy do, I have come across this rather unusual and seemingly uncommon lens - I think that it is an old aircraft lens but I can't find any information about it. Any ideas? It measures about 5 x 5inch and weights roughly 3kgs Many thanks in advance
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    Fake rolleiflex 3.5f white face??

    Hello, Just looking for some insight to see if this is a genuine or possibly a fake/frankenstein rolleiflex? I have owned rolleiflexs before, but not this model....lots of it has been touched up with what appears to be nail polish and has clearly been neglected over the years....maybe left...
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    Piesker 85mm f/2 exacta mount

    Hi :) Anybody have any idea about this odd little lens i've picked up? I am thinking about selling it but have no idea of its value. Glass and case are in great condition but blades do have a little bit of oil. Any info would be much appreciated Thanks, Fred
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    Hasselblad 500c w/ Minolta Rokkor 58 1.2??

    Hi, anyone know if there is an adaper to fit minolta rokkor lenses to hasselblad camera? :band:
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    Makro kilar 90mm 2.8

    Thanks very much for the info :) much appreciated.
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    Makro kilar 90mm 2.8

    Recently came across this beautiful lens in the local thrift store. I have played around with it but I don't do much macro shooting so I thought I'd sell it on to someone who's going to use it. I've tried finding a price online but to no avail. Any ideas? 
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    Mju ii surprise!

    I purchased an olympus mju ii from ebay last week for £60. Have run an old expired film through it and am mega impressed (especially with one photo). This film was my first attempt at home developing (did it in a bag) great fun and educational experience! I walked into a Dutch barn and heard a...
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    Canon lens M 200mm 3.5???

    Thanks very much :) I had looked at the fl lenses but couldn't see any with the 'M' so I thought it might be something else...
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    Canon lens M 200mm 3.5???

    Can somebody please help me identify this lens? All I have is this photo (see attached) I have an opportunity to buy it but I don't know anything about it! Many thanks, Fred
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    Canonflex slr

    That's all great to hear, thanks for the information. This ones going to stay in the family and hopefully we have many happy years together Fred
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    Hi everybody :)

    Thanks, the forum is terrific! So much information.
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    Canonflex slr

    Hi, I've recently been gifted an old canonflex camera complete with canomatic 58mm r, 200mm r, canon-meter and original pig skin cases. Its in beautiful condition and I'm really excited to go get some snaps. I'll upload some photos of it and in the near future some photos by it :) anybody have...
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    Hi everybody :)

    Just a quick hello :) I'm looking forward to learning, sharing and chatting photography with all of you. Many thanks, Fred