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    Gopro hero 3 timelapse

    I took this around noon, if I remember correctly the intervals were 1 picture every 5 seconds.. Thanks! I got some other ones but they don't look as good. I have no idea why though
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    Gopro hero 3 timelapse

    Yeah I think that's what ima try next! I got something similar to that yesterday where the tides get really close to the gopro it looks sick. I just need to upload it.
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    Canon t3I Timelapse

    I have Magic Lantern in my t3i, I'd like try and do some time lapse videos. What would be a beginners setting to start off and explore with time lapse shots? Ill be doing mostly sunsets/beach waves for now. What's a good aperture, exposure and shutter speed to use? I want something that will...
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    Gopro hero 3 timelapse

    Hey it's my first time posting a thread here! If I'm In the wrong place please direct me to the right one! Ha Anyways, I got a GoPro hero 3 a while ago and I just started to play with it. I've been doing mostly time lapse videos. But I need help choosing the right settings. The videos that I...