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    Upgrade from nikon d3200

    Hi, I have nikon d3200 can I upgrade to nikon d5300 or d5600 ? Or can I buy new lens?
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    Photos are blurry....

    Hi all, I took this pictures with Nikon D3200 with Nikon 18-140mm vr lens..the pictures are very blurry and distorted,what is the reason ? Is the camera or lens problem? I bought it b4 4 years... I have attached sample images here..please tell what is wrong...most of the pictures I took are...
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    Upgrade from nikon 18-140mm lens

    Hi, I have nikon D3200 dslr with nikon 18-140mm lens , can I get 55-300mm lens for more zoom? Will it worth or any other lens can I buy? Need it suggestions as am confused...