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    Is it wrong...

    To have a crush on another girl on TPF? I just think she is so cute!
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    My first session in a year

    I took the year off from my photography business due to some personal issues. I am starting with a new slate. This is my first session in a year. Mason is on my son's tball team & his mom was very opened to anything I suggested. The mom also suggested we use her sister's yard as a background. So...
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    Who do you think is hotter?

    Firemen or's hard to choose. A fireman knows how to "put out fires" but then a policeman knows how to "use his gun".:greenpbl:
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    Augh! Do these pics do anything for you? We went camping few weeks back & there was this tree by our campsite where you could see the huge roots. I wanted to capture it but I just don't know what I did wrong. Is it my cropping?
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    Augghh...I've been sitting here in this little cubicle for too long! Don't these people know I have better things to do than work! WANT TO GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :whip:
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    What does mod mean?

    I've seen that word here several times, but I don't know what it means. Just curious..
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    Favorite Beatle Song?

    I just really love the song "In My Life". I heard it in at a wedding recently & fell inlove with the song again.
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    What are some misconceptions of where you live (state or country)? I’m really curious about the world out side of Texas. I haven’t traveled much. I would think when people hear the word Texas they think of cowboys, horses, and ????? First of all, I’ve never been near a horse. Second I...
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    Speedlite 420ex flash with a Canon 5D?

    I just recently upgraded to a 5d. I have a fundraiser I have to photograph tonight. I have a 420ex. Will that work on my 5d? I don't want to mess up the camera if the flash is wrong.
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    Dallas/Ft Worth May NILMDTS Meeting

    If you are interested in hear more about Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep please send me your email address & I will send you an evite.
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    My Corny Poem

    I am at work & I’m suppose to be working But I can’t help going to TPF and peeking At the photo of my current online crush Who looks so very hot it makes my blood rush He says he was ill when the photo was taken I’ve never seen an ill person who I would like to see naked. I hope he isn’t...
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    Looking for military families in the Dallas/Ft Worth area

    The local NBC station wants to do a piece on Operation: Love Reunited. They want to film a session & talk to the family. Our problem is that we don’t have anyone that is about to be deployed or coming home in the DFW area. If know of someone in the military that is about to be deployed or...
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    What is your day job?

    By Day: AT&T Sr Stenographer By Night: internet addict.
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    Saying Goodbye

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    One Lonely Soldier

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    A Year

    2006 was a hard year for me. I had my first miscarriage Jan '06 & another one in Sept '06. I wrote this for my January baby. A Year A year of lost dreams. A year of painful memories. A year of intense sorrow. A year of not wanting to see tomorrow. A year of many tears. A year...
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    Operation: Love Reunited

    Thousands of U.S. Military Families Hundreds of Volunteer Photographers Two special sessions One period in time… Operation: Love ReUnited was founded in September of 2006. The organization offers professional photography sessions for deploying military families, fee-free by volunteer...
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    This pic says it all...

    This is my cousin (Joanne) & her fiance' (Ace). We were at the airport waiting for Ace to be deployed to Iraq.
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    Hi from Texas

    Hello. My name is Rayna' (pronounced like Renee). I've been married for 7 years & we have a 5 yr old son. I've been involved in photography for 3 yrs. I work fulltime for AT&T & do photography on the side. This past year I took a break from the business side of photography. I became a...