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    A Question on Subjects and Focus

    I recently took a trip to Death Valley with two friends of mine. These friends are the couple pictured in the photo. I dragged them along with me on a few night sky photo sessions, and happened to take this photo during one of them. Now, when I took it, I was thinking that it made more sense to...
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    Rocky Mountain Sunrise

    Longs Peak at sunrise in Rocky Mountain National Park Nikon D7100 Sigma 17-50mm @ 50mm f/2.8 ISO 100 1/25 sec.
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    DX Lenses on Film Camera

    Firstly, I'm aware that there are other threads on other forums dealing with this issue but I haven't been able ot get a straight answer. My sister and I both enjoy photography a great deal and both own Nikon digital SLR's and Nikkor lenses. Between the two of us we have a D70s, a D40, and...