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    Just wondering if anyone has done their courses? Was it worth it? Or any other online photography classes?
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    Portrait Lens

    Okay, so portraits are what I want to shoot... but the kit lens that came with my Canon Digi Rebel xt isn't cutting it. My kids are tired of the camera being right in their face, :lol:. One of them actually runs when I pull out my camera! I'm looking at the Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 and am just...
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    Probably a dumb question

    but I have to ask, lol! I'm starting to understand aperture and shutter speed more (thanks to Understanding Exposure thanks everyone for recommending it) but I have a question. After setting the aperture and shutterspeed to get the correct exposure if I change move my lense to zoom in that...
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    Begginer book recommendations?

    Does anyone have some beginner dslr book recommendations? I know someone mentioned Understanding Exposure but when I read the description it said "For serious amateur photographers who already shoot perfectly focused, accurately exposed images but want to be more creative with a camera" My...
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    How do I edit shadows?

    I was taking a few photos of my kiddo today just to get an idea for the different settings of my camera. I'm just wondering a good way to edit those shadows behind him from my flash? I'm using Photoshop Elements 4.0 Better yet, how would I avoid them when taking the pictures? What's the best way...
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    Tips for photographing kids and lighting question?

    My friend wants me to snap some pictures of her kiddos. Anyone have some tips on how to get the best shots of kids? What would be the best mode for the kids since they move so fast? I have a brown backdrop to use and am wondering about lighting, our lighting is flourescent in our house, will...
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    Need some tips, newbie

    Hey everyone, I'm new to photography and could really use some tips. I have a Canon Digital Rebel XT and am trying to learn how to use the creative modes. One of the main problems I'm having is trying to focus the foreground and blur the background. It's just not happening, both are blurring...