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    Motorized Pan Tilt Product Suggestions

    I searched the site and found no hits on this topic, so ... There might not be many members here who have had experience with these devices, but maybe a couple who can suggest good products. What I am looking for is a motorized pan/tilt that can be controlled via computer connection, either...
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    Zone System - Contemporary Usage

    A bit of a survey here ... How many members still employ the Zone System in their photography? Are you professional? Ameteur? Artist? Landscape? Portraiture? Do you use the Tiffen contrast lenses that replace the original Kodak Wratten #90? Do you use the Zone System with digital cameras...
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    Best Sources for Used Photographic Equipment

    It is often possible to pick up equipment in excellent equipment that is used or refurbished. It isn't easy trusting what is promoted over the web. But experience from people who typically obtain much of their equipment from such sources can possibly help point to good reliable and...
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    I'm an amateur and photographic artist who specialized in the tech aspects of both photography and art. But that is not to count out subject matter. Subject matter is always important. What does tech mean in terms of photography? Look to Ansel Adams as a good example. Ansel was of course...