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    Only my fourth portrait shoot, and only second with and sort of lighting gear so any c&c would be appreciated to help me improve. All are with the nifty fifty on a 550D. Combination of reflector and 430ex II (on camera in this case) used basically just as fill lighting. Let me know what you...
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    Well, not really set up for bird photograph, but there are a few of these guys at my parents house who would be considered a little too friendly for most peoples' liking... 160s | f/5.6 | ISO500 | 100mm f/2.8 Macro (no, this isn't cropped other than changed to 4:5 aspect ratio)...
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    Sunset/Nightscape on the coast

    Long time since I have had much chance to shoot. These are a couple of shots from around the coastline at Newcastle (the Australian one). Some may recognise the first as the Bogey Hole, while the second is a little to the north along the rocks. Processing on each is completely different. The...
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    STD Riddled Junk (SFW)

    Apologies; with the results of the shoot it seems the title has become a ruse. mishele; it seems the starfish from the previous thread ( is a one off, so no junk in this thread. That is, unless you are creative with the...
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    Long Exposures on the Rocks

    Went for a bit of a trek to see what there was around Swansea Heads. It's a really nice area so a revisit is definitely on the cards at some point. Three shots from today; any c&c appreciated. 2011_10_15_8171 by tyler_s_hamilton, on Flickr Exposure 0.4...
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    From the other week; went for a bit of a wander around the rocks at the beach to see what I could find. Tried for something a little creepy with this one: 2011_09_03_8027 by tyler_s_hamilton, on Flickr And a nice bit of colour. I liked the effect of the water's distortion too...
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    Close Up - Flowers and a Spider

    First decent attempt with the macro flash bracket I made, and first time really using flash for anything other than fill in portraits. I'll start with the one I was happiest with: 2011_08_28_7773 by tyler_s_hamilton, on Flickr A lot "softer" processing on this one than usual but that is what...
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    Recent Shots at Marks Point; c&c appreciated

    Title says it all really. Just went for a drive down the coast to see what I could find. 2011_08_08_7669 by tyler_s_hamilton, on Flickr 2011_08_08_7562 by tyler_s_hamilton, on Flickr 2011_08_08_7688 by tyler_s_hamilton, on Flickr
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    Too boring...?

    A shot from my trip back home. I know the area so I like the shot but thought some other opinions couldn't hurt. 2011_07_08_7196 by tyler_s_hamilton, on Flickr Still processing photos from a few walks during the mornings back home. Will add more here if people are interested.
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    Yasuko: The Foreshore (c&c is appreciated)

    A few shots from a recent(ish) shoot. First time I've had a flash and reflector to play with, and only the third portrait shoot ever. Also first time in front of the camera for the model too. Mainly looking for comments on lighting. Not completely happy with composition but not too worried...
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    Sigma EM-140 DG Macro Flash

    So a multi-part question to keep it all in one thread: 1. I was hoping to gather some opinions on the "Sigma EM-140 DG Macro Flash for Canon EOS ETTL & ETTL-II SLR's, Guide Number of 45 with ISO 100 Feet." for use mainly as a macro flash but also a a fill flash for outdoor portraits...
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    Everyone loves cliche flower shots...

    Just a couple of recent shots. c&c if you wish; it is always appreciated. 2011_06_20_6791 by tyler_s_hamilton, on Flickr 2011_06_20_6773 by tyler_s_hamilton, on Flickr
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    B&W Cacti

    Not much of one for B&W. These are not intended as realistic; more as attempted artistic photos. Any c&c is appreciated as always. 2011_06_20_6581 by tyler_s_hamilton, on Flickr 2011_06_20_6580 by tyler_s_hamilton, on Flickr
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    Shooting in Forests

    What techniques/approaches do you use when photographing within forests. Any types, mainly interested in Australian forests as I won't be overseas any time soon but comments and suggestions from any others would be appreciated too. Attached is the only shot I am sort of happy with...
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    Rectangular GND and ND Systems

    I tend to shoot landscapes so I'm looking at investing in a filter system for GNDs and as funding allows NDs as well. Currently looking to use it with 550D and kit lens (@ 18mm most of the time) but want to be able to continue using it with a future setup of something along the lines of 5D Mk...
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    Glenrock Conservation Area, Newcastle, Australia

    A few recent shots from Glenrock Conservation Area. You may recognise the area as I've posted one from here before. As always any c&c is appreciated. A preemptive comment; the apparent haloing on #5 is not from processing, its from the spray. 1. 2011_06_06_5907 by tyler_s_hamilton, on Flickr...
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    Long Exposure at the beach...

    Just the one shot for now. The other that I was happy with is a panorama but will have to do a bit more work to get it to stitch nicely (virtually impossible to get 5 shots with 5 identical looking waves in the same place at in each...). My next project when I have a little bit of time is...
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    Nearby Building

    Well, first time posting something on here. Went out on the weekend to a few locations around town but wasn't really happy with any of them. Here's one to destroy... another couple of the better ones on flickr if anyone is interested. Thanks in advance for any comments or criticisms you have...